Joints Custom Bike 2010 Show Video

Mute the sound, crank some Slayer and check out some cool bikes.

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Motordivision Video

I wish more internet motorcycle videos were this well put together. Beautifully shot and edited. Put together by Nguyen @ MOTORDIVISION.

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Riding a 1914 Harley 10-B across the U.S.A

I realize this is Harley sponsored, but cool nonetheless. Killer bike, great ride idea. Can’t wait to see more of the bikes that are going to be in the mix.

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Hidemo Shredding Asphalt

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Japanese Built 1947 Flathead

You know, it’s kinda wackadoodle, but I dig it.

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Tube Coping with Special ‘79

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Love Cycles Shop Vid

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Boring Triumph cylinder block on a lathe

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Special ‘79 Rocks YouTube


Our pal Jay (aka Special ‘79) has posted a bunch of videos of chopping up & narrowing a sportsters gas tank. He covers everything from splitting the tank to hammerforming the bottom to putting it all back together. Super informative stuff, go chek it out on his youtube page: Special ‘79 videos

Make sure to check out his blog as well:

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Harbortown Bobber


I’ve plugged the Harbortown Bobber flick before, but I finally got a chance to watch it and I’ve got to say, it exceeded my expectations. Scott and Zach from Oneworld are no strangers to directing kick-ass moto movies - both Choppertown & Brittown slayed the small screen. They set the bar high for modern motorcycle documentaries, and their newest flick delivers the goods again.This is not a fluff piece - it’s a perfect mix of the story behind a D.I.Y motorcycle build with enough footage and detail to leave you feeling like you actually learned something. Not that we should expect anything less from these two, but I always get stoked to see them hit it out of the park again. The segments with Irish Rich and Earl Kane are worth the price of admission alone. As good as their previous 2 films, if not better. The DVD is finally available for sale on their website, make sure to go pick up a copy.

edit: unfortunately linking the youtube video was causing some formatting problems on the site, check out the trailer here:

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Indian Board Track Racing

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Vintage motorcycle racing in modern times

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Harbortown Bobber

Our friends over at Choppertown are at it again - this time with a new flick called The Harbortown Bobber. Check out the trailer - the DVD is coming out in July. These guys never disappoint with their flicks, so make sure to check it out.

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Choppahead Vol 3

The new Choppahead DVD is about to be unleashed on the world, and if the trailer is any indication, shit just got crazier. Knucklebuster is stoked to be a part of the DVD release festivities by hosting the world premiere screening at the Greasebag on June 13. Just in case you needed another reason to make the trek up to Laconia, we called the kings of jackassery and made it happen. We’ll have a projector set up, and shortly after the bike show awards we’ll start up the flick. BYOB and popcorn, and if you’re down with the after party, make sure you make arrangements with Lisa for camping. The party will not disappoint. Get stoked, we’re 2 weeks away baby.

Part 2 of this announcement is that Knucklebuster will be one of the official sponsors for the Choppahead release party going down on June 21 in Providence. Here’s all the info:

Choppahead Vol. 3 DVD Release Party
Presented by Choppahead and Iron Horse Magazine

Performances By:
Doom Riders
Mess with the Bull (featuring members of Scissorfight & Lamont)
Eddie & The Louvres
Iron Mustache (NE’s gnarliest Iron Maiden cover band)

WHEN: Sunday, June 21. 5pm-11pm - early show with secret after-party party.

WHERE: Club Hell (73 Richmond St. Providence, RI -

WHAT: Booze, Motorcycles, Mayhem, Music & Give-Aways (in no particular order) ALL NIGHT!!! You know how we roll - you don’t want to miss this shit!

Again, this is sure to be a killer time, if you’re in the area, make sure you make it out to support our local boys, check out the sick bikes and partake in the insanity.

Check the choppahead blog for updates:

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Suzuki Savage Chopper: Frame Welding Part 2

Part 2 of the frame welding session down at Tanks by Tigman in Rockland MA on my Suzuki Savage Chopper project. Again many thanks to Dave for the excellent work and all his help. Check out his site at and if you need any sort of welding work done, do not hesitate to get in touch with him, his work is top notch.

As an update on the project: The bike has been loosely assembled and the chain conversion has been done. Up next is some gas tank modification, rear fender cleaning and cutting and all the bracket welding.

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New Savage Chopper Project Video

Part 1 of 2 from the welding session down at Tanks by Tigman in Rockland MA. The bike is a 1987 Suzuki Savage which is being completely chopped and customized. In this first episode you’ll see Dave start the foundation for the hardtail frame.

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Suzuki Savage Chopper - NEW KNUCKLEBUSTER VIDEO!

Dig into it.

Thanks to Dave, aka Tigman at




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New Knucklebuster Video!

More from the BSA Chopper build. This time around we’re grinding and welding up the frame before it gets ready for paint prep. Click on the video link above to see more Knucklebuster videos.
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Breaking Down the BSA

Watch us completely break down and strip a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt chopper as we get it ready for a ground up rebuild.

Watch The Video By Clicking More
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2006 Knucklebuster Motorcycle Show Video

Footage from the 2006 Knucklebuster Motorcycle Show
Filmed and edited by George of GTS Video and Motorcyle Night.

Click On More to watch the video
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