Downloadable Motorcycle Tech Docs

Over the past couple years I’ve collected a lot of different motorcycle technical documents via the internet, in various different formats. Everything from wiring diagrams to manuals to tech tips I’ve saved off of message boards. I am now taking these documents / tips, organizing them and formatting them into PDF files and posting them here for easy download. I see this as a kind of “public service” for guys working on their bikes who can’t find the info they’re looking for. I do not claim to hold copyright on any of these materials, so if you’re the owner of any of these materials and are completely opposed to them being available free of charge, for public use, you can email me and I will take them down. I’m not trying to get sued here or piss any one off, just trying to help out some fellow bikers. If you own the materials and don’t mind them being posted, but just want some sort of copyright notice stating that you’re the owner of the materials, just let me know, I’d be more than happy to do that.

Model Specific Chopper Stuff

Harley Davidson
Wiring Diagrams - various models 1965-98

CB400 Technical Illustrations Manual

XS650 Shop Manual & Addendums
XS650 Wiring Diagrams (Chopper Orientated)

1973 Carb Bulletin

A Model Instruction Manual

GS750 Service Manual

Amal Carburetters
MK2 Tuning Guide
Concentric Carb Tuning & Hints

Frame Alterations By Randy Smith

Springer & Girder Front End Design

Chopper Wiring for A Honda

Frame Fabrication Tutorial from start to finish
From the Chopper Builders Handbook
(click to visit the site)

Frame Jig Info & Tutorial
From the Chopper Builders Handbook
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Tube Bending Tutorial
From pirate4×



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