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Jay Fortin aka Truckalope Jay sent over these pics from his last visit to Acme Choppers. I remember seeing the engraved rockers & cam covers over the summer when they were sitting on a shelf at the shop - they are so much more insane on the bike - straight up gorgeous. That swingarm shovel is fucking righteous. Click the pics to enlarge.

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Art Deco Motorcycling from Budapest

980085_7849b1dd5f0d3ea1372e0ff7d4f92272_xl.jpg 1055753_86523b31857a540e170116ab25392c2e_xl.jpg Árpád checks in from… well, I’m not exactly sure, but it’s definitely not an English speaking country. That - in and of itself - is pretty rad. I love the fact that weirdos from all over the world check in with the crazy 2-wheel death traps they get wind of. So Árpád checks in with a couple links to the Hungarian version of Total bike. As you might guess, my Hungarian is pretty awesome, so deciphering the intimate details of the article was a piece of cake. I’ll boil it down for you - this crazy looking hessian dude runs a shop in Budapest called Art Deco Motorcycling. He takes shitty old Polish motorcycles (Junak’s… of course I’ve heard of them) and turns them into these incredibly gorgeous motorcycles. Oh, and he has the biggest polishing wheel I’ve ever seen. That pretty much sums it up… the article is a good read. I lifted these pics from their website, you can see all the photos and read the incredible article for yourself by clicking the links below.

980129_8f9d553123e1ecd2965c2a22e47ee0da_xl.jpg979945_0c1dfa2486e12a97d857d38af5526904_xl.jpg980107_5894d21a80ec4e86068565cbc10a8216_ml.jpg980155_dcb24854e8d2c2598e24e1d45500d4cd_xl.jpg 1055711_76f4462e37c43b59aa009b0490819be9_xl.jpg1055747_5e0dfd489c20a160e7932143d76adf07_ml.jpg1055717_e5e14c01b883437c27adb02f6ad74bb9_xl.jpg1055757_a044567afa09d5afc216fcb37417b3c0_xl.jpg 980191_9808148f61d2f1fec97a8fef099d7a50_xl.jpg

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Wrench Monkees

monk07_01.jpg The Wrench Monkees have a new updated site and it kills it. Go check out their builds:
Wrench Monkees Shop

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Work-in-Progress at Acme Choppers


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Krugger’s Overmile


Krugger builds some spectacular bikes and his latest - the Overmile - is no exception. Sharp looks and built to ride mile after mile. 103″ S&S, Baker 6 speed, air ride suspension, Beringer brakes… simple, clean and tons of style. You just want to jump on and ride it across the country.

bikes-2009world-034-a-l.jpg  bikes-2009world-034-c-l.jpg bikes-2009world-034-d-l.jpg   albertalberty392.jpg albertalberty393.jpg albertalberty394.jpg albertalberty396.jpg albertalberty398.jpg albertalberty400.jpg albertalberty409.jpg

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LC Fabrications


One of the cool things about running this site is I get to hear from small shops and fabricators from all over the world. What’s exciting is that every once in a while these guys come out of seemingly nowhere and blow me out of the water with the quality, design and style of their work. LC Fabrications is a great example of that. I’ve known Jeremy (via email) for a while now and he continues to impress. My introduction to his work came at the 2008 Smoke Out when I was blown away by his modern Triumph, dubbed the TT Deluxe (previously mentioned here: TT Deluxe on Knucklebuster ) - the bike is simply stunning. Jeremy has continued to rock the mic over the past year - finishing 2 complete builds and introducing a bunch of new parts to his product line.

First up is the bike up top - another modern Triumph Bonneville, stripped down, hardtailed and given a dose of So. Cal style. It’s look of simplicity and clean lines is what pops this bike for me. You can read more about the build and it’s specs here, and check out some more pics of it below.

lcfab09_13.jpg lcfab09_5.JPGlcfab09_8.JPGlcfab09_9.JPGlcfab09_12.jpglcfab09_14.jpglcfab09_15.jpglcfab09_16.jpglcfab09_17.jpg

Oh, and if you’ve got a modern Trump that you want to give the hard tail treatment to, LC Fab has got those, so make sure you check them out.


Next up - the Birmingham Bee-liner. All the trick little bits on this one are part of Jeremy’s build signature. That’s a 1967 BSA A65 mated up to a modified 73 OIF trump frame - or I should say GIF. That’s right - the backbone is filled with petrol, not oil. Like I said - trick. What else? The custom fabbed front end and exhaust jump out - but that’s just scraping the surface. You can read more about the build here and check out the pics below for more details.

lcfab09_2.JPG lcfab09_3.JPG  lcfab09_6.JPG

lcfab09_10.JPG lcfab09_19.jpg lcfab09_20.jpg

LC Fabrications just launched their new website (much improved from their last) so go check that out to see more of these builds as well as some of the others they’ve done in the past:

Photos by Bessie Black /

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Cro Customs Modern Indian Chopper


Caleb over at Cro Customs consistently builds killer scoots, and this one is no exception. 2000 Indian Chief, goosenecked with all sorts of trick bits, but what really does it for me is the front to back flow it has… the bike has soul. Some folks think that modern Evo’s can’t attain the same kind of soul that an older powerplant can - for a while I bought into that, but it’s bullshit. Bikes like this, as well as many others prove that theory wrong. Of course the engine plays a big part, but it’s not just about the engine. It’s about the overall design, the attention to detail, the vibe that the builder infuses into the bike with every choice they make. Cro gets it and every bike I’ve seen come out of his shop kills it like that. Undoubtedly one of my favorite builders out there today.

As for the bike… Cro has a great write up about the build on his blog….

Two Drunk Injuns, Build an Indian for a Squaw
Where do I start? About 6 months ago I was approached by Cary “Carrot” Larouche about doing something with his wife’s 2000 Indian Chief. ” She wants a kind of Zero style thing”. Second red flag for me. The first red flag was that the bike was an evo. Cary had already pulled most of the bike apart. I thought for a second and said ” Well, it’s really not my thing, but my buddy JD is a fan of Shinya’s and is totally in to the goose neck deal. Let me talk to him and see if he is down for it” Red flag three. I generally work alone.

Go read the rest here: Cro Customs Blog

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It’s not just Bratstyle


We need a better term than “Brat Style” to call these style of bikes because it’s not just those guys that are building killer examples of these Japanese road bombers. Case in point: Crazy Orange - their bikes are the sweetness. Check em out: Crazy Orange


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G&L Choppers XS650 scoot

Rich Rendon had the guys at G&L choppers built him this tidy lil XS650.
No joke, shit is tight brosef. I dig it.


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More from Acme Choppers

Acmechoppers January-122
Should be finished by summer. The seat is super comfortable.

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Bratstyle Japan

Bratstyle Chopper Motorcycle
In case you were wondering… Bratstyle? Yup. Still killing it.

Bratstyle Chopper MotorcycleBratstyle Chopper MotorcycleBratstyle Chopper MotorcycleBratstyle Chopper Motorcycle

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Duas Caras Cycles from Japan

C0152253 19471127
C0152253 19472227C0152253 9451789C0152253 9452497

Duas Caras from Japan brings the awesome with these two bikes.

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Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 115

Smokeout2008Batch02 106

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Chaos Cycle Mudhound

Chaosc 1

Our pal George from Chaos Cycle in Long Island, NY checked in with some pics of his latest build. The bike (dubbed the Mudhound) was built for a chop off that had George pitted against “a high dollar cnc, laser cut, OCC look alike that probally paid more for their rear wheel then I had out of pocket to build mine” (his words). Guess who the crowd picked as the winner? Congrats on the win George, always nice to see the low dollar take a win from the overpriced tomfoolery that still seems to pervade the industry.

Check out Chaos Cycle at

Chaosc 2Chaosc 3Chaosc 5Chaosc2 1

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Custom Boardtrack Frames for Sportsters


Our pal Benny from Boneshaker Choppers in the UK checked in with some info & pics of the new project he’s starting up. Boardtracker frames for Sportsters - righteous. I’ll let Benny give you the low down:

These are are own, all made in house. The basic premise is similar to the Flyrite stuff, you can build a bargain basement one with an old 4 spd donor bike, you can go nuts and build an all out deathtrap with a stonking motor in it, or we can build them for you and supply them ready to ride. The idea being a vintage styled bike that you aren’t afraid to thrash the living daylights out of.

I teamed up with the Harvey brothers and I am building two complete bikes to show around and get a bit of interest. We are building them under the name Thomas-Harvey wich is a part of Boneshaker Choppers. We have a website but it’s still in early stages, here’s the address:

I know there are boardtrack inspired chassis about but they mostly lean towards the chopper side of things, with curved tanks and gay bits. Ours are pretty basic, no compromise bikes loosley based on 1915 KT Racers. There will be two models - the Racer, which you can see in the photos and we will be doing the Thomas-Harvey Flyer wich will have leaf spring forks, narrower tanks etc. and be a bit prettier. Things are still in the development stages but we are looking for selected dealers and are taking orders for the chassis and complete bikes now.

Bitchin. Nice to see more custom platforms geared towards Sportsters.


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Atomic Customs Built Panhead Chopper


Trent from Atomic Customs built this bitchin’ Panhead chopper for Tim from and then Gary Griffin from Good Luck Photo took some seriously killer pics of it.

The bike is really straight up classic, all the bits and pieces fit and flow together really well. The megaphone muffles great and yup, that’s a Warbird taillight chillin on the sissy bar.

The photo above and the first photo below were shot by Gary. The others are from Trent.

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Cro Customs: Will’s Hood Rat

Edrhoodrat 050-2

Caleb at Cro Customs built this bad ass shovelhead for his pal Will. Caleb sent me just a short note about it…

My good friend JD helped out in the final days, pulling together the light mount, pipes, tank and other odds and ends. This thing was thrown together from Will’s pile of parts in a week or so.

What could you “throw together” in a week or so? Exactly. Saying he nailed it is beyond obvious. For some reason this bike reminds me of thrash metal. Looks raw, fast and ready to mosh… that’s right, mosh.

Check out more pics by clicking read more.
Read more…

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Falcon Motorcycles


Ian Barry builds some gorgeously simple british motorcycles.
Clean, elegant and tough all rolled into one. A functional work of art some might say.
Check out the his work on the website for his shop: Falcon Motorcycles

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Boneshaker Choppers Panhead

Boneshakepan 8-4

Let’s open up April with a solid fist to the jaw shall we? Benny from boneshaker choppers sent in this sweet low slung zero engineering / chica inspired pan. Lots of killer details, some subtle, some right in your face - it’s a nice mix. No doubt it’s got the “looks fast and mean standing still” thing going on. Click the read more link below to see a bunch more pics and read the whole story, with tech specs from Benny.

Read more…

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XS650 Chopper by G&L Choppers

Gl Xs6505
Listen up chumly, I’m gonna turn the mic over to Josh, he’s gonna give you the downlow on this this righteous XS650 chopper.

This 1977 XS650 D was built by G&L Choppers in Colorado Springs, CO with
help from the owner Ron B. from Castle Rock, CO. We originally built
the frame and the battery box last year for Ron. The rest of his first
go around was built in his garage taking three weeks. He then rode her
to Sturgis. This year Ron came back to G&L Choppers to upgrade his
forwards controls with our set. At least that’s where it started. With
the help of Ron we totally transformed his original build into what you
see before you. Here’s a short list of what was done.

Owner: Ron B. Castle Rock, Co
Bike: 1977 XS650 D
Frame: G&L Choppers
Electric Box: G&L Choppers
Carbs: 34mm Mikuni’s w/G&L Choppers Turnout intakes
Pipes: stockers Mikes XS
Fender: G&L Choppers/Owner Ribbed style rear
Tail light: Side mount Model A style G&L Choppers
Headlight: 5 3/4
Wiring: G&L Choppers
Tank: Sportster mounted by Owner
Bars: Clip on bars
Forward Controls/Pegs: G&L Choppers
Right Hand Jockey Shifter: G&L Choppers
Paint: G&L Choppers (HOK) Kandy Root Beer Base over Gold Base

Richard Ford, owner, G&L Choppers

Hands down, this is one of the nicest XS650 choppers I’ve laid my peepers on. I talk about the lines of a bike a lot because to me, with out a good flow from front to back, the whole thing is shot. No doubt that this one’s got the flow. The throw back retro paint design fits in perfect, it’s a simple design but it’s got a lot of style. The clip-ons and sporty tank work real good together, bugger looks mean. The battery box and fake oil tank is done perfectly, I can really dig that as someone who is having to deal with the same thing on my project. Shit is hot, dig into it.

Gl Xs6501Gl Xs6502Gl Xs6503Gl Xs6504Gl Xs6506Gl Xs6507Gl Xs6508Gl Xs6509

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