Kandy Man Custom Paint

Acmechoppers January-120
For Acme Choppers

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Slick stripes

Motopicsmisc 2 -125
@ Choppahead

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Cuz when I think choppers…

Cbed 12
I think of water skiing.

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Myk Rock - Canadian Pinstriper

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Swapmeet 027Guitars 047Bike Paint 013M C9Bc5B997643B5098C0B6Ec4Bb8B91B6Myks 166M 65E628D573C70479Ff31448Bb4322652M C4Fa64Ae7F56088Feaefa45Cbecbad94M Ebafbd80C9Ffedbd9A982C13Ded47Db9L 5F8868E36Cc0D156400Aecafa1F063C3Random Pics 234

Myk Rock from Vancouver sent in pics of a bunch of his work. Nice stuff.

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Max Schaaf Gas Tank

This Max Schaaf tank is absolutely one of the most beautiful tanks I’ve ever seen.
End of story.


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Psychedelic Chopper Gas Tanks

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Spray Bomb Motorcycle Paint: The rattlecan diaries

Who says you need a fancy HVLP set up to get a killer paint job. On a budget? Don’t have a compressor? Just don’t want to sink big bucks into a paint job? Let the rattlecan guide you. No doubt there is limits to what you’ll be able to achieve, and if you want the paint job to last, you’re going to have to get it clear coated with something that will hold up to gas (urethane). Remember, killer paint jobs are all in the prep work. Spend your time and attention when you’re prepping your tins for paint and it will pay off 10 fold when you spray it. Here’s some inspiration to show you what’s been done with rattlecans.

Pics lifted from this jj thread.

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Wild Paint

The slideshow below is going to take a second to load, but well worth your time for the wild paint pics you’re going to dig into. New slideshowgallery format, just roll your mouse over the pics and click to advance - let me know if you dig it in the comments.

Pics lifted from this jj thread.

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See how gold leafing is done

Ever wanted to see how gold leafing is done? Well thanks to our pals over at dbbp.com now you can. Watch Belgian Pinstriper El Cheapo applying gold leaf to a fueltank at the Bigtwin Bikeshow Rosmalen 2007. Three video segments in all, watch the first one above, and the remaining 2 by click on the read more link below.

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Oh so fresh paint


Bro… Seriously…. This fucker rips your nuts off it’s so sick. The whole bike is an ass kicker, but the custom tank and the seriously unFUCKINbelievable (yes, one word) paint job rawk it hard. Don’t be surprised if the paint on the Savage chopper is heavily inspired by this. Love it.

Photos from: Sparetime, photo rulers extraordinaire

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Harpoon Pinstriping in Japan

Harpoon laying down some stripes at the Mooneyes show in Japan.
Another video thanks to dbbp.com. word.

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Yosemite Sam Radoff


Wild psychedelic paint schemes? Yosemite Sam Radoff has got you covered.

Go to: http://www.yosemitesams.com/ then click on Custom Paint and bikes to see some wild choppers.

groovy man, groovy.

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David Mann Jammer Catalog Paintings


David Mann paintings done for the Jammer catalogs.
Beyond awesome.
Anyone have anymore they want to send my way?


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Sick Chopper Paint via Harpoon


From a little while back by the man, the myth, the legend: Harpoon.
Pearls, candies and metalics - no flake. Awesome.

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Vintage Motorcycle Paintings

Horseman 1

One of the cool things about working on this site is coming into contact with folks I wouldn’t have otherwise met. This is especially exciting when its talented guys like Nik Coole. Nik dropped me a line after finding the site via the plug that Ryan at the Jockey Journal gave us. Along with his email he included a bunch of images of his illustration and paint work. Once I caught a glipse of his paintings I was 10 types of stoked. His paintings of classic motorcycle racers Victor Horsman and Tazio Nuvolari are phenomenal - they struck a chord with me through their emotion and depiction of an era, scene and purity that I have a deep rooted affection for. Nik also sent along some images of other kustom kulture pieces he’s done, as well as some examples of the paint work he’s done on a couple of bikes. Cool stuff all around, Nik has boat loads of talent and I can’t wait to see more work from him in the future.

Click thumbnails for bigger.
Nsu 3 1Nuvolari 1-1100 1924
100 0539.Jpg100 1922100 1925100 1923
100 1974100 1968Irezumi 10
Chopper 6 1Chopper 7 1Chopper 1 1
Marley Portrait 1 Marley Typeface 1Jimi 1Indian 1 1

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French Kiss Kustoms @ The SmokeOut


A small sampling of photos of the French Kiss Kustoms setup at the Smokeout this year.
The lime bike is still one of my absolute favorite bikes around, and it looks even better in person than the pics I had seen.


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French Kiss Kustoms does it again

I’ve been giving the French Kiss Kustoms guys props from the moment I first saw their work. Suffice to say, they still deserve those props with the latest set of tins they’ve turned out. I had a chance to meet Bob and Brian down at the Smoke Out this year and check out their work in person. While the pictures I had seen of their work were certainlyspectacular, it took seeing the stuff in person to fully appreciate the level of detail and depth they bring to the table. Can’t wait to see the next one.

Wacky looking tank (although it’s hard to judge without seeing it on a finished bike) but the paint is undeniably sick.

More pics here
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How To Powder Coat

Check out this article/how-to that Tim (aka TurboRoadster) has put together about  powdercoating. Ever wondered what the process was like  and how involved it is? Well Tim breaks it down for you with tons of pics and details as he cleans, preps and powdercoats an old 1966 BSA gas tank. A great write up and a real eye opener in terms of the amount of work actually goes into pulling off a quality powdercoat job.  If you’re looking to get some powdercoating done, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tim at: 832-818-3905 or TimK@MuddyJEEP.com. Let him know you saw this article on knucklebuster. I’ll let Tim take over from here This is a step by step pictorial of what happens when someone hands me an item to be powdercoated. Maybe this will help explain or justify pricing to some folks. It’s also just neat to see the steps taken and how it’s done.

So, buckle up and hang on, here we go.

The item is a 1966 BSA tank and it belongs to modern day James Dean. he wanted a satin black tank body with some “mad flake” in the badge centers.
We opted to use a Satin black from Eastwood and a “Silver Flake” from Caswells

Click the read more link to read the whole article.

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Skratch’s Garage


It’s no secret that Knucklebuster has much love for the art of pin striping. I just came across the website for Skratch’s Garage out of Sunvalley, CA which has a ton of great work on it. However, the thing that I really like about the site was the opening video on the main page, a great short flick by all accounts. Go check out the site and make sure you let that video load on the opening page, it’s definitely a must see.


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Sick Custom Paint: French Kiss Kustoms

1162855208 1162855257

Last night I caught this post on the Horse board from French Kiss Kustoms (aka Bob and Brian) showing the paint job above. I was, and still am completely blown away by their work. There are a lot of great painters out there, but these guys easily rank in my top three. Their attention to detail, color choice and designs are absolutely phenomenal. I’m not a child of the 60’s nor do I have any sort of real affinity for that era, but man, these guys take parts of that style/influence and turn it into something that makes me want to stare at it all day long. I got in touch with Bob and he sent me a few more pics of some work they’ve done - all of it is top notch. I had seen pics of the yellow pan below and that bike was actually the inspiration for an old open face helmet I’m practicing my paint technique on; I absolutely love that bike. The rest of their work is equally amazing - the green helmet below definitely stands out – out of this world man! OK, enough of me being a gushing fanboy. Check out a ton of pics after the cut, and if you need some paint, give Bob a call at 386-804-4839, you won’t be disappointed. They have a website as well, but not much to see up there just yet: www.frenchkisskustoms.com

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