Tattoed Leather Seats


Alex Higgins is doing something I’ve never seen before - he’s putting legit tattoos on leather seats. His process allows the leather to hold and seal in the ink and the results are great. Check him out here: http://electricsolos.com/

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BikeExif 2011 Calendar


Chris over at BikeExif just sent me a copy of the calendar he recently put out and it is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous photos of incredible bikes from the likes of Wrenchmonkees, Deus Ex Machina, Falcon and many more. It’s no secret that I’ve been a long time fan of the BikeExif style of bloggery, so it should be no surprise that I’m stoked on this. Great X-mas gift and all that. On sale right now for less than $14, that’s worth it for the wall art alone.

Pick yours up here: BikeExif Calendar


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The 555


The 555 2010? Good Stuff as always, check it out here: http://thefivefivefive.blogspot.com/

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Blog Round Up 2010: Vol. 3






I wouldn’t normally put up a industry corporations blog, but the Icon blog is solid.

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Blog Round Up 2010: Vol. 2



201011010806.jpg 201011010811.jpg 201011010815.jpg


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Blog Round Up 2010: Vol. 1

Click the images to take you to the site.







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Vintage Moto Week: Day 6

Vintage Motorcycle RacingAmerMoto_01__008.jpg AmerMoto_01__024.jpg  Old BSA Motorcycle AD

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Vintage Moto Week: Day 5

Indian-1920-Powerplus-2.jpg Indian-1920-Powerplus-5.jpg Rudge-1932-special-1.jpgNorton-1957 Manx-350-2.jpgNorton-1957 Manx-350-3.jpg    

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Vintage Moto Week: Day 2

Vintagent010.jpg Vintagent028.jpgVintagent026.JPG Vintagent029.jpg

Props to http://thevintagent.blogspot.com/

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Greasebag 2009 Photo Week: Day 6

Photos by Gino Mortillaro Randoms_101209-126.jpg Randoms_101209-140.jpgRandoms_101209-172.jpgRandoms_101209-198.jpgRandoms_101209-224.jpg    

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Moto Round Up

Chop Shop Open House
Our friend up at Chop Shop Cycles in Milford, NH is throwing an open house on Oct. 3rd which is always a good time. Food, bikes and good people - if you’re in the area, try to make it up.
Check out his site and blog:
Site: http://www.chopshopcycles.com/ Blog: http://ironheadhell.blogspot.com/


Kemosabe and the Lodge is currently my favorite moto blog on the net. Check it out for yourself: http://kemosabeandthelodge.blogspot.com/

The Biltwell crew just posted a ton of pics from the Cycle Zombies and Born Free shows that went down in So-Cal this weekend. Tons of killer bikes here:
Cycle Zombie Pics ••• Born Free Pics

And to finish it up, a few random shots from my photo archive.

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Wrench Monkees

monk07_01.jpg The Wrench Monkees have a new updated site and it kills it. Go check out their builds:
Wrench Monkees Shop

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Chop Cult


The guys at Biltwell are at it again and thank god for that. There newest endeavor - Chop Cult - is a website dedicated to D.I.Y motorcycle community. I’ve been lucky enough to get a slight sneak behind the scenes of what they’re planning, and all I can say is you will be stoked. So what is it going to be like? This is what the guys have to say about it:

There’s nothing to see at ChopCult.com yet, but when we launch the site this summer, ChopCult will be the first news magazine, blog feed, photo dump, public forum, online classifieds, social network and e-store for people and companies who build and ride custom motorcycles. All kinds: American, Japanese, British and European. Think your favorite message board without the content Gestapo, Newsweek without the politics, Myspace without the sex predators, Flickr without the nature shots, Craigslist without the retards and Google without the Viagra banners. Just cool people, old bikes and lots of ‘em.

Go sign up for the newletter because you’re going to want to be in the know about this. I’m real glad these guys are jumping into the fray of this online community/forum/blog/photo thing because as they’ve proven before just how well they “get it”.

Sign up for the newsletter here: Chop Cult

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Falcon Motorcycles

Bullet Falcon Motorcycle Drive Side Sm
The new Falcon Motorcycles site is pretty damn sharp. Lots of cool features, nice blog posts as well. Looking forward to see more out of the site.


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Sick Links Sesh

Link round up time!
Some new ones, some old ones, but all of them awesome.

Sweet Blogs:
Special 79
Front Street Cycle
Born Loser
Blue Moon
Murder Cycles
Ironhead Hell

Exhaust Building
Bates Seat Repair
Engineering Calculators
Motorcycle Brake Bleeding 101
Sissy Bar Fabrication

Hot Rod & Custom Show 2008 - Yokohama
Vintage Pic Collection
Bonneville Speed Week
CT Brit Jam

Just plain awesome
Jason Jesse video

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Sweet Paughco Axed Mustang

Way cool, but wasn’t worth what the guy was asking.

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Chop Shop Cycles

New Home

Our friend Zach has updated his site with a new design and tons of pics. He’s also put together a bitchin’ new blog all about ironhead sportsters. Check both of ‘em out: Chop Shop Cycles - Ironhead Hell

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Good Luck Photo


Trent from Atomic calls Gary “the wizard” - I fully support that title. When it comes to motorcycle shots, Gary pretty much tops my list - yes, even more so than ML, and I dig Mike’s stuff a bunch. Gary has a blog where he posts all sorts of motophoto-goodness. Check it out here: www.goodluckphoto.blogspot.com
He’s got a book coming out called Idle Hands, so if you can, make sure to support it by picking up a copy.


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Biker Radio Magazine 1 Year Anniversary


Tomorrow marks the 1-year anniversary of the weekly podcast done by our pal Ken over at Biker Radio Magazine. Many congrats go out to Ken for not only putting out a killer show for free download, but also to sticking to it and getting it done every week for a full year. Putting out something like a podcast - week in and week out - is a lot harder than folks give credit to. Even when it’s a labor of love, it’s taxing when your trying to juggle family life, work life and balancing everything else we’re all trying to get done. I’ve been real psyched to be a part of BRM this past year by contributing a few editorials, it’s been a great time and many thanks to Ken for letting me jump up on my soapbox during his show and throw down some greasebag gospel. If you haven’t checked out BRM yet, head over to bikerradiomagazine.com and start downloading, you can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, which makes life super easy. It’s free to download and the content is killer - from Bonneville to drag racing to welding, electrical and paint - Ken covers a broad range of topics. The shows might not always be in line with what Knucklebuster is all about (the bagger show comes to mind), but the content is always smart and informative. You’ll be familiar with quite a few of the guys that Ken interviews too - Fab Kevin, Wes White, Tigman, Goldhammer, Yosemite Sam, Hammer, Edge and the interview he did last week with Sugarbear is killer. Go check out what Ken’s got going on and support BRM because it’s these grass roots projects that really help keep the scene alive.

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The 555

Have you read about the 555 yet?

These guys are our type of guys… check out their rules:
1. 1975 or older motorcycle
2. can only spend $500 TOTAL on purchase and restoration of bike
3. 500cc or less engine size
4. Every man for himself (This was tossed out the window and it became ‘No Man Left Behind’)
5. No Interstates
6. Portland, Oregon bound

From Knoxville to Portland on a pre-1975 CB450? Fucking RIGHTEOUS!

Here’s some fun stats they have posted on their website about their ride:

Number of wrecks: 6
Number of times bikes have seen the ground: 9
Number of fouled spark plugs: 54
Miles covered thus far: 4100
Times rags have sucked through carb/engine/exhaust: 1
# of engines split: 2
Max speed attained: 90
Police investigations involved in: 1
Hospital visits: 1
Snow storms ridden through: 1
People who’ve told us they owned a 450 years ago: 1,555

Number of women interested in us: 0

These guys are rulers, check out the site for more about their adventure and pics.

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