Soggy Bottom Boys


Saddle up suckers, it’s time to hit the road. Gypsy Run is here. No bitchin’ about rain, I already got soaked once today heading into work and will likely happen again when I head out this afternoon. Trust me when I say that it’s worth it. GR3 was a monsoon soaked weekend and one of the best and most memorable in my life. Then again, if you’re the type of guy who’d get scared away by a little rain, maybe you’re better off not coming.

I’m heading out in a few, meeting up with Harvard and Jason to ride out to Peekskill, NY. We’ll crash there tonight, meet up with Fritz in the morning then head to Mike 47’s shop to meet up with the rest of the crew.

Get all the latest news here:

See you guys on the road.

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Gypsy Run Next Week


Don’t sleep on this. Best run and party on the East Coast. Walter puts on a killer event and the riding is second to note. Peep all the info here:

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Upcoming Events - this weekend


Choppahead 10th Anniversary - this weekend in Providence.


Run For Your Life - Go support Joel and his bitchin good time.

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Strange Days NJ


This event looks like it’s going to be killer. Weekend before the Greasebag, which means double the party fun. Hit it up. All the info here:

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Edison Car and Bike Show


If you’re in the New Jersey / New York area you should put this show on your calendar as it’s sure to be a good time. Support your local events so that they keep coming back year after year.

More info here:

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Eventage: Part 2

riptown7.jpg 220094_204620809560738_100000384602181_646474_4754768_o.JPGantishow.jpgBornFree3 Poster Final-small.jpg502.jpg    

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Eventage: Part 1



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Greasebag Sponsorship Information


All the Greasebag sponsor and vendor information is done and ready to download in one handy PDF file. If you’re interested in being either a sponsor or vendor, click the link below to get all the info. If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot, email me directly at or give me a call at 978-590-3412.
– grail

Greasebag Sponsor & Vendor Book (pdf format)

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Moto Events

I’ve been slacking on posting about upcoming events. Here’s a few that are coming up. Check out the Chop Cult events section for more info. Clicky: Chop Cult Events

Slab City Riot 2 2010 201010231022.jpg


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Rice-O-Rama 2010: Vol. 2

RiceORama_2010_104.jpgRiceORama_2010_110.jpgRiceORama_2010_106.jpg RiceORama_2010_107.jpg

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Rice-O-Rama 2010

RiceORama_2010_100.jpg RiceORama_2010_103.jpg RiceORama_2010_111.jpgrice-o-rama classic vintage japanese motorcycle show

Had a great time at Rice-O-Rama this year, the show just keeps getting better. Killer bikes, solid deals, good dudes. Many pics to come, these are just a small sampling.

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Gypsy Run Pics: Vol. 4

Gypsy2010_B1_101.jpg Gypsy2010_B1_107.jpg Gypsy2010_B1_112.jpgGypsy2010_B2_05.jpgGypsy2010_B2_11.jpgGypsy2010_B2_17.jpgGypsy2010_B3_111.jpg     

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Gypsy Run 2010 Pics: Vol. 2

Gypsy2010_B1_113.jpgGypsy2010_B1_114.jpg Gypsy2010_B1_116.jpgGypsy2010_B1_110.jpgGypsy2010_B1_106.jpg   

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Gypsy Run 2010 Pics

Gypsy Run 2010 motorcycle run photos

Gypsy Run 4 was a blast. Great time, great people, great ride. Big success. I have tons and tons of pics and as usual will go about posting them in random fashion over the course of time. Here’s a few I quickly processed.  


Gypsy2010_B1_111.jpgGypsy2010_B1_128.jpgGypsy2010_B1_131.jpgGypsy2010_B1_105.jpg Gypsy2010_B1_115.jpg Gypsy2010_B1_121.jpg    

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Gypsy Run 2010 Final Reminder

Get your shit sorted and hit the road. Guaranteed good time. Few more memories from last year.

See you on Friday.

GypsyRun09_306.jpg GypsyRun09_304.jpgGypsyRun09_302.jpgGypsyRun09_303.jpgGypsyRun09_301.jpgGypsyRun09_300.jpg   

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Gypsy Run 2010

GypsyRun2009-113.jpg GypsyRun2009-127.jpg GypsyRun2009-129.jpgGypsyRun2009-144.jpgKBProc_3_2_2010-127.jpgKBProc_3_2_2010-129.jpgKBProc_3_2_2010-133.jpgRandoms_101209-239.jpg

Gypsy Run is right around the corner. Get stoked. Walter always puts on a killer time. Leave your pussy at home and bring the rain gear.

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Mass British Iron Association Show on Sunday


The Mass BIA show is on Sunday, and I’ll be there as usual hawking t-shirts and parts, make sure to come by and say hello. I’m getting rid of a bunch of parts out of my stash, so this is the first chance at it before it goes up on ebay/craigslist. Like most of you, I’d rather sell it in person than have to list it and ship it and the BIA shows are always my favorite to setup at. Always a good time and the organizers work hard at keeping this event going, so make sure to get out there and support them. Plus it’s a great place to peep vintage british death traps.

More info on their website:

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Greasebag Jamboree 2010


In the back of my mind, I always knew it was only a matter of time. For the past 3 years we’ve been running the Greasebag Jamboree during Laconia under the radar. It’s always been a grass roots thing that we’ve organized as tightly as possible while making sure it didn’t get so regulated that it would lose it’s sense of identity. The greasebag was never meant to be some big rock star bike event - it was raw, rough around the edges and a flat out good time. Every year it got better - better bikes, more people hanging out talking shop - something the home builder could look forward to in a sea of leather chaps and chrome doodads. Last year’s greasebag killed it, everyone had a blast, so many cool bikes and the biggest crowd so far. It should come as no surprise that the town of Laconia now wants to stick the finger into the pot. We did our best to stay under the radar, but as it’s popularity grew, so did the attention. It’s pointless to get into all the specifics, but here’s the basics

The city of Laconia wants us to get permits for everything - vendors, food, ect…, they want us to hire cops to be at the show… they want to regulate and they want their piece of the pie. If you know the spirit of the greasebag, then you can imagine my immediate response. While I’m willing to work hard and deal with difficult situations in order to pull off something I love doing, there are core principals that I’m just not willing to bend on.

The greasebag was to setup to be a free show - for anyone who attended AND for vendors. The vibe was close knit, laid back and free. Attitudes checked at the door, but controlled stupidity encouraged. The show was about us, not them.

With rules and regulations, all those things start to change. The spirit of the show changes, it loses some of that grassroots, D.I.Y feel. I have nothing against the city, they’re just doing what they’re there to do. They’ve got their regulations in place and if they catch you playing on their field, they’re going to enforce the rules. Every city has to find opportunities to make money to pay for the “services” they offer their constituents - Laconia obviously knows what their cash cow is. Fair enough - I get it, you gotta pay to play. Unfortunately, I can’t go against the principals the show was built on and feel good about it. I’d rather not do it at all.

To have cops on the scene to make sure everyone stays in line doesn’t sit well with me. To have to grease the palms of the city doesn’t sit well with me either. This show was never about money, it was about our community. I made enough to cover the expenses by raffling off donations and that was good enough for me. The generosity of Acme Choppers (by donating the space), our sponsors (by donating swag and sponsoring trophies) and everyone who bought a raffle ticket allowed me the opportunity to break even, and that’s all I ever wanted to do. The dynamic of the show was on the right track and I’d rather not change that by introducing a regulatory element.

Simply put - there won’t be a Greasebag this year during Laconia and it’s unlikely that there will ever be another greasebag during Laconia Bike Week.

So is the Greasebag dead? Not quite.
The truth is the Laconia scene was never really ideal for the greasebag to begin with. We took advantage of an opportunity and there was a certain pleasure in going against grain of the traditional bike week tomfoolery but that whole scene was not really for us. So while we’ll migrate from bike week, we’re far from dead. The big question is where and how we’ll drop down next. I don’t have an answer to that question. We may do a similar type of event later in the summer or maybe the show will morph into something else entirely, whether it be a run or taking over a dive bar. I’m not sure where the greasebag is going, but this is not the last you’ve heard of it. I’ve got some ideas rolling around, and if you’ve got some, I’d love to hear them. So whether it’s this year or next year, don’t worry - this is not the last you’ve heard from the greasebag jamboree.

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Gypsy Run Shots 2009


GypsyRun2009-119.jpg GypsyRun2009-126.jpgGypsyRun2009-130.jpg  GypsyRun2009-149.jpg

The Gypsy Run 4 is coming, and after talking to Walter, I can tell you that epic doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Start making your plans now:

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Not for aircraft use


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