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Seat by Jay at Truckalop leather, for Choppahead. Photo by Holly Anderson.

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Truckalope Leather

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Jay rules. Pics from Holly Anderson.

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Sporster Project - Seat Preview


First pass on the tooling for the seat. Tony is killing it.

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Dave Theobald Custom Leather Seats


Our pal Dave Theobald emailed these pics of a couple new seats he made up. What else can you say but wow. Great work, easy to see why they both took first place ribbons at the International Federation of Leather Guild show in September. Check Dave’s other work here:


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The Yoder Power Hammer

Fay Butler, at it again.

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David Theobald: Seat Maker

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Dtsm 01

Just came across the work of leatherwork David Theobald, who’s churning out some killer seats out of the 513 area code. Clean lines, beautiful details and just well executed all around. Check out his jive at:

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Xian continues to impress

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What else can you say besides “fuck that rules”

Every piece I’ve ever seen Christian from Xian Leather do rocks it hard. nuff said.

Check out his site:

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Xian Leather Website


Leathersmith extraordinaire Christian of Xian Leather has updated his website with a whole new design and a bunch of new work. If you follow this site, you know I’m a big fan - go check it out and be awed.

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How To Make A Custom Hand Tooled Leather Seat


Adam Croft from Last Ride Leather ( out of Bloomington, Illinois checks in with a great article about how to make a hand tooled leather seat.  You’re definitely going to want to check this out. I’ll let Adam take over from here.

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Xian Leather


I am of the firm belief that Christian of Xian Leather is one of the most accomplished, creative and down right kick ass leather artists in the world. There are a lot of great artist out there doing great leather work, I’ve featured many of my favorites on this site and absolutely love the work they do. But there is something about the work that Christian does that makes my jaw hit the ground with a loud thud every time I see it. The crisp lines, the fine details, the flowing style and well thought out designs are not only top shelf, but just out of this world. The seat featured above and below was created for Sean Marcus out of Marcus Dairy, CT and like in the past, I’m just in awe - it’s just damn beautiful.

To see more of his work, check out his site at:
For those of you think you might want him to make you a seat, do not hesitate - his work is top knotch and his reputation is impeccable, just make note that he’s not accepting any new order until June.

Marcus006 Marcus007 Marcus008

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BSA Chopper Seat

So to keep you up to date on ‘67 BSA Thunderbolt Chris is building, check out the pics of the leather seat Beezachopper is doing, Man that’s pretty – awesome job beeza, can’t wait to see this all come together. Don’t forget to go watch the BSA video in the video section.
(Another pics behind the cut)

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