Stolen Bike in Calgary


Our friend Shawn had his Honda chop stolen last night. If you have any info, please drop me a line ( or post in the comments. This bike is a classic that Shawn has ridden from coast to coast - if you stumble upon any info, help us out.

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Traffic Spikes & Mass Appeal


The past few days have been pretty crazy as far as web traffic goes. After Chris over at BikeExif posted a story about the 1930 Art Deco Henderson photos I took, web traffic shot up like crazy. The story was subsequently picked up by a number of large blogs like Jalopnik, Wired, The Cool Hunter and Gizmodo driving folks back to Knucklebuster, the traffic went through the roof. Crazy numbers for this site - for reference, this site averages about 20,000 unique visitors a month - fairly small potatoes in the big world of internet traffic. From July 17th through yesterday we’ve had over 60,000 unique visitors. That’s triple the monthly traffic in only 9 days - the peak was over 16,000 visitors in 1 day. I know that’s no big deal when compared to large sites that are getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hits everyday day - but man, I gotta say it felt pretty cool to know that so many people were checking this out and digging it. Knucklebuster is not my livelihood, but it is something I am passionate about and take seriously, so the additional attention is pretty cool - even if it is only focused on 1 post versus the entire spirit of the site.

So to everyone checking out the site for the first time - welcome. If you happen to poke around beyond the single post that brought you here you’ll find that the 2-wheel gospel we preach is focused on spreading the do-it-yourself, built-not-bought mentality. This site is not brand, style or country of origin loyal - we’re open to all makes, models and styles although the slant is certainly gears towards heavily modified customs, choppers, café racers, street trackers and vintage bikes. Most posts on this site can be placed into 2 categories (1) do-it-yourself articles (2) visual inspiration. There is a ton of great useful information to help the the obsessive moto junkie posted under the how-to section - including hundreds of vintage tech articles & books about metalworking and moto mechanics. The site gets updated daily and I try to stay on top of responding to comments as much as I can (this is a 1 man show over here, so responses are not always lightning fast). If you’ve built a bike and want to send it in for consideration, check out the submissions section - I try to post the best submissions I get a few times a month and I always dig seeing what’s coming out of the garages of the folks who read this site.

For those of you who have been coming here for a long time, the song remains the same. This little blip of attention is not going to change the content or focus of the site - if anything, it makes me want to move faster on implementing some of the ideas I’ve been tossing around in my head (including publishing more in-depth written content & editorials).

Thanks to all for stopping by

P.S: Thanks to Chris @ BikeExif, Ryan @ the JJ and all the other sites helped spread the word.  

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Laconia 2010

Greasebag2009-120.jpg Greasebag2009-146.jpg Greasebag2009-148.jpgGreasebag2009-196.jpg  

Obviously bike week won’t be the same without the Greasebag going on, and really, there is no reason to head north since the usual bike week shenanigans are “wihked retahded”, but I’m heading up tomorrow morning anyway. Why? A good friend of mine has a house on the lake (away from the traffic) and a bunch of us idiots will be getting together to… well… be idiots. Plus, a 3-4 hour ride through the back-roads of MA & NH sounds nice on a sunny 90º day. A few folks have already reported back to me that the main drag is a total snooze fest - yeah, that’s a real shocker. I’m fine with some riding, kicking back with a cold drink and letting the “excitement” of bike week pass me right by. If any of you locals want to swing by for a drink or hang out by the water, drop me an email, I should get service up there.

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Rhinebeck Antique Motorcycle Meet

Rhinebeck antique motorcycle meet vintage motorcycle

Week and a half away from what I hear is one of the most mind blowing motorcycle shows around. I’ve been trying to get myself to the Rhinebeck Motorcycle Meet for a couple years now, but this year is the first time I will actually be able to pull it off - stoked to say the least. From the photos I’ve seen it’s an absolute moto-visual orgy. I’ll be there all 3 days, walking the grounds and snapping photos. Not sure where I’m staying yet - still torn on camping or not. I’d like to camp, but I’m going to need electricity to charge my camera batteries pretty much every night. If any of you numbskulls are going to this and want to meet up, drop me a line. For the time being I’m flying solo, heading out early Friday morning. Send me an email if you’re going to be there or if you got the intel on a good spot to crash at.

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Mass British Iron Association Show on Sunday


The Mass BIA show is on Sunday, and I’ll be there as usual hawking t-shirts and parts, make sure to come by and say hello. I’m getting rid of a bunch of parts out of my stash, so this is the first chance at it before it goes up on ebay/craigslist. Like most of you, I’d rather sell it in person than have to list it and ship it and the BIA shows are always my favorite to setup at. Always a good time and the organizers work hard at keeping this event going, so make sure to get out there and support them. Plus it’s a great place to peep vintage british death traps.

More info on their website:

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Ride To Skate 2010


Good times no doubt. Put it on your calendar.

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Project Bikes for Sale


1967 BSA A50 - Café Racer Project Bike - $1000
Includes an original Johnson Motors 1 piece flat track / café seat & tank, plus a box of spare parts, including the rear fender and original seat pan. Great project, all the parts are in good, serviceable condition - she just needs some love to come back to life.

Bike has been loosely mocked up for the photos so you can see how it would all work together. No title, sold as is.

$1000 / BO - no trades. Located in Marlborough, MA

67BSA-109.jpg 67BSA-110.jpg 67BSA-108.jpg 67BSA-106.jpg
67BSA-100.jpg 67BSA-102.jpg 67BSA-103.jpg 67BSA-104.jpg67BSA-105.jpg


Yamaha SR250 Project Bike - Bratstyle Donor! - $100
Barn Fresh, early 80s Yamaha SR250. Perfect project for the cheap shade tree mechanic to rebuild to it’s fully glory. Cool little bike that will zip around up to 75mph in stock form. Chop it up and give it a bitchin’ bratstyle look or turn it into a café racer.

Check the pics - she’s gonna need some work. About 90% complete- all the important parts are there, the engine turns. No title, sold as is. Maybe you’ll get luck and she’ll run with a new battery, plugs, gas and oil - I haven’t tried, but it’s certainly possible.

$100 or best offer. Open to trades. Located in Salem, MA

SR250_101.jpg SR250_103.jpg SR250_104.jpg SR250_102.jpg

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Soon to be hitting the auction block


I have a bunch of machinist tools I’ll be throwing up on ebay soon once I get some better (less arty) pics. I’ll post a link when it’s up, but if you see anything in these pics that you’re interested in, drop me a line and we can work something out.

Mtools-100.jpg Mtools-101.jpg Mtools-103.jpg Mtools-104.jpg Mtools-111.jpgMtools-106.jpg Mtools-107.jpg Mtools-108.jpg Mtools-109.jpg Mtools-110.jpg  Mtools-112.jpg Mtools-113.jpg Mtools-114.jpg Mtools-115.jpg Mtools-116.jpg Mtools-117.jpg Mtools-118.jpg Mtools-119.jpg Mtools-102.jpg

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Greasebag Jamboree 2010


In the back of my mind, I always knew it was only a matter of time. For the past 3 years we’ve been running the Greasebag Jamboree during Laconia under the radar. It’s always been a grass roots thing that we’ve organized as tightly as possible while making sure it didn’t get so regulated that it would lose it’s sense of identity. The greasebag was never meant to be some big rock star bike event - it was raw, rough around the edges and a flat out good time. Every year it got better - better bikes, more people hanging out talking shop - something the home builder could look forward to in a sea of leather chaps and chrome doodads. Last year’s greasebag killed it, everyone had a blast, so many cool bikes and the biggest crowd so far. It should come as no surprise that the town of Laconia now wants to stick the finger into the pot. We did our best to stay under the radar, but as it’s popularity grew, so did the attention. It’s pointless to get into all the specifics, but here’s the basics

The city of Laconia wants us to get permits for everything - vendors, food, ect…, they want us to hire cops to be at the show… they want to regulate and they want their piece of the pie. If you know the spirit of the greasebag, then you can imagine my immediate response. While I’m willing to work hard and deal with difficult situations in order to pull off something I love doing, there are core principals that I’m just not willing to bend on.

The greasebag was to setup to be a free show - for anyone who attended AND for vendors. The vibe was close knit, laid back and free. Attitudes checked at the door, but controlled stupidity encouraged. The show was about us, not them.

With rules and regulations, all those things start to change. The spirit of the show changes, it loses some of that grassroots, D.I.Y feel. I have nothing against the city, they’re just doing what they’re there to do. They’ve got their regulations in place and if they catch you playing on their field, they’re going to enforce the rules. Every city has to find opportunities to make money to pay for the “services” they offer their constituents - Laconia obviously knows what their cash cow is. Fair enough - I get it, you gotta pay to play. Unfortunately, I can’t go against the principals the show was built on and feel good about it. I’d rather not do it at all.

To have cops on the scene to make sure everyone stays in line doesn’t sit well with me. To have to grease the palms of the city doesn’t sit well with me either. This show was never about money, it was about our community. I made enough to cover the expenses by raffling off donations and that was good enough for me. The generosity of Acme Choppers (by donating the space), our sponsors (by donating swag and sponsoring trophies) and everyone who bought a raffle ticket allowed me the opportunity to break even, and that’s all I ever wanted to do. The dynamic of the show was on the right track and I’d rather not change that by introducing a regulatory element.

Simply put - there won’t be a Greasebag this year during Laconia and it’s unlikely that there will ever be another greasebag during Laconia Bike Week.

So is the Greasebag dead? Not quite.
The truth is the Laconia scene was never really ideal for the greasebag to begin with. We took advantage of an opportunity and there was a certain pleasure in going against grain of the traditional bike week tomfoolery but that whole scene was not really for us. So while we’ll migrate from bike week, we’re far from dead. The big question is where and how we’ll drop down next. I don’t have an answer to that question. We may do a similar type of event later in the summer or maybe the show will morph into something else entirely, whether it be a run or taking over a dive bar. I’m not sure where the greasebag is going, but this is not the last you’ve heard of it. I’ve got some ideas rolling around, and if you’ve got some, I’d love to hear them. So whether it’s this year or next year, don’t worry - this is not the last you’ve heard from the greasebag jamboree.

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Wife of the Year

pinstriped biltwell helmet 111109-103.jpg 111109-109.jpg

So my birthday was a last week, and unbeknownst to me, my wife was conspiring with the guys at Biltwell and Shawn Imperial House to surprise me with this gorgeous dome protector. That’s a Biltwell Root Beer Flake lid with a magnificent custom stripe job (similar to the lines Shawn laid down on the helmet I gave away at the Greasebag over the summer). Stoked is an understatement - the helmet is incredible - I’m sad that it will be spending the next few months on a shelf versus on my head as we wait for winter to pass.

Hats off to my girl and my bro’s who helped pull it all together, the elaborate deception means a lot. Nicely done.

imperial house custom paint 111109-106.jpg 111109-114.jpg

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Gypsy Run Time!


Ride or die fuckers. Time to hit the road into Vermont to meet up with the merry band of degenerates. Harvard, Ace and myself are taking off around 6, which should put us in camp around 8:30. The sporty is running solid, as long as my control module doesn’t crap out on me, all should be well.

I’ll be live blogging between riding and frying my liver, you can check out live photos as they happen on the knucklebuster live site:

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Gypsy Run Love


Not the exact route, but you get the picture. Leaving Friday between 5-6pm from Knucklebuster HQ in Marlborough, MA. If you’re down to ride, drop me an email. Load up your death trap and lets hit the road. Legends will surely be made.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click on the Gypsy Run skull in the right side column (above the KB t-shirt ad).

Get stoked. 500+ miles, good friends, plenty of booze and a guaranteed good time.

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Choppahead Party Tomorrow!

Be there! Good times and jackassery guaranteed!

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Knucklebuster Live

I’m stoked to announce a new section of the site - Knucklebuster Live. I’ve been toying with this idea for a while, and I finally got it done just in time for the Greasebag.

The whole purpose of Knucklebuster Live is to have a section of the site that can be specifically used to post while on the road, at events, in the garage or just away from the computer. I’ve got it setup now so that I can use my cell phone to make updates, including photos. In fact, the primary use will be to post quick snaps from the road - real time. If I’m at an event or on the road I can post mobile updates and you can see exactly what’s going on while it’s happening. So while it’s a work in progress, you can head over to and start checking it out. On Friday you’ll start to see a lot more posts as I start live blogging the Greasebag show. For you guys coming up to the Greasebag, any last minute updates will be posted there, since I can’t be able to post on the regular knucklebuster or greasebag site from my phone.

Go check it out, and as always, feedback is appreciated in the comments section:

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Choppahead Vol 3

The new Choppahead DVD is about to be unleashed on the world, and if the trailer is any indication, shit just got crazier. Knucklebuster is stoked to be a part of the DVD release festivities by hosting the world premiere screening at the Greasebag on June 13. Just in case you needed another reason to make the trek up to Laconia, we called the kings of jackassery and made it happen. We’ll have a projector set up, and shortly after the bike show awards we’ll start up the flick. BYOB and popcorn, and if you’re down with the after party, make sure you make arrangements with Lisa for camping. The party will not disappoint. Get stoked, we’re 2 weeks away baby.

Part 2 of this announcement is that Knucklebuster will be one of the official sponsors for the Choppahead release party going down on June 21 in Providence. Here’s all the info:

Choppahead Vol. 3 DVD Release Party
Presented by Choppahead and Iron Horse Magazine

Performances By:
Doom Riders
Mess with the Bull (featuring members of Scissorfight & Lamont)
Eddie & The Louvres
Iron Mustache (NE’s gnarliest Iron Maiden cover band)

WHEN: Sunday, June 21. 5pm-11pm - early show with secret after-party party.

WHERE: Club Hell (73 Richmond St. Providence, RI -

WHAT: Booze, Motorcycles, Mayhem, Music & Give-Aways (in no particular order) ALL NIGHT!!! You know how we roll - you don’t want to miss this shit!

Again, this is sure to be a killer time, if you’re in the area, make sure you make it out to support our local boys, check out the sick bikes and partake in the insanity.

Check the choppahead blog for updates:

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Greasebag Jamboree: One Month Away

Greasebag2009 Flyer Sm-1
One Month away. Get Stoked. Spread the word.

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Greasebag Swag: Troy Fab

Swag 01-101

Many thanks to Steve for the engine stand and shirts for the Greasebag. Check him out at

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Knucklebuster Store Update: T-Shirts are BACK!

It’s been a long time coming, but the t-shirts are back in stock including 3 new designs.

First up:
Watm Black-2
Wrench Against the Machine shirts are finally back in stock in ALL sizes. Just black this time around, the brown has been retired. However, if you make it out to the Greasebag you’ll be able to get your hand on some limited edition colors. I have a couple XXL shirts, so email me if you need one.

New “Wrenches” design. First ever white Knucklebuster shirt - break up the sea of black in your closet. Dig on that 2 color design too.

Greasebag 2009
Greasebag 2009 design with the signature illustration. Stoked on how this one came out. Design wraps around side onto back.

Built In New England Shirts. Limited edition for all you locals. Only 40 made, available in Large and XL only. Get them while they’re still in stock. Once they’re gone who knows if they’ll get printed again.

All shirts are $15 and include shipping in the continental U.S.A (add $1 for XXL sizes). For folks outside of the U.S, drop me an email at for a updated price (usually $20 - $22 per shirt for international orders)

Go get yours at

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Greasebag Swag: Theobald Leather

Dsc 0009
David Theobald brings the awesome for a second year in a row. Someone is walking home with this beauty on June 13th. Stoked - many thanks to Dave for the awesome work and support. Check out his site:

This is only the beginning, make sure to keep checking for all the updates, lots more swag to come.

Dsc 0010Dsc 0004

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Greasebag Flyers


Flyers for the Greasebag are in and they came out great. I’ll be hitting up as many local events as possible to hand them out but could definitely use some help spreading the word. If you’re in the North East and can spread these around to friends, family, customers or anyone else who might be interested in our shindig, drop me a line and I will send you a bunch. Please only ask if your serious about handing them out because postage isn’t cheap anymore and it adds up quick. Send me an email at, make sure to include your address and I will send them out ASAP.

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