Skinny-ing the FXR

FXR_D1-8.jpgI’ve never done a proper post on the FXR I picked up last year. I didn’t do much to it after I got it - just removed a bunch of stuff and hit the road. The picture above shows how it came to me. Over the winter I’ve started to personalize it a bit. I wouldn’t call it chopping, more like skinny-ing with a bit of detail work. So here’s some stuff I’ve been up to in the shed.  

KB_FXR1.JPG KB_FXR2.JPGStep one - dismantle. Look at the size of those blinkers - yikes. They’re long gone. I’m keeping turn signals but you’ll see the size difference below. The wiring harness of any bike makes my skin crawl, this one is no different. Maybe I’ll conquer that fear with this mild rebuild.

KB_FXR3.JPG The 2-into-1 header that’s replacing the stock exhaust. Harvard tossed this to me a couple years ago, I finally found a use for it. I’ve got the stock exhaust can off a Ducati 696 that I’m in the process of figuring out how to attach to it (tubing sizing are way different).

Biltwell sanderson pegs KB_FXR7.JPG Pic 1: Biltwell sanderson pegs to replace the janky chinese pot metal ones that came on the bike. These this are too legit to quit. Super nice, heavy duty and the ability to adjust them is killer. I’m a fan.

Pic 2: Mooneyes air cleaner. Had this on my Sporty, stole it to replace the gigundo AC that came with the bike. It’s going to get a bit of a restyling with the help of Steve at Troy Fab…. speaking of Steve.

KB_FXR10.JPG I spent two days with Steve down at his shop working through a bunch of little projects. I can’t say enough good things about Steve. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to get it right is unreal. Plus he’s just about the nicest guy you’ll meet. Here he is with my Biltwell chumps clamped up in his mill. Why? To drill the holes to install some Posh Factory switches. Sure, this could have been done in the drill press or even with a hand drill (although I wouldn’t attempt that), but Steve brought the precision installation skills and did it right.

Ahhh, much better than the huge stock switch pods.

While we were at it, Steve chucked up the stock top riser clamp, milled off the ribs and then recessed a 1″ wide pocket. Why? So I could insert a piece of thin brass which I will eventually have etched or engraved. Trick-a-holica.

KB_FXR12.JPG KB_FXR4.JPG Pic 1: Remember the aforementioned bulky turn signals? Here are the new ones. Tiny. Picked them up from thanks to a tip from f the chop cult forums.

Pic 2: Biketronics load equalizer I scored on ebay for pennies. Irish Rich mentioned somewhere how he had more luck with them than the badlands units. That’s a good enough recommendation for me.

Throttle side of the Biltwell chumps I’m running. That’s a master cylinder off a ‘06 Yamaha R1. Steve chucked it up in the mill to hog it out for 1″ bars. I’m also running a gen 1 Biltwell throttle. I may move to an internal down the road, but for now this will work nicely.

Pic 1: Here’s another shot of the R1 master cyclinder. By today’s japanese sportbike standards this is nothing new, why Harley can’t figure out that less is more is beyond me. Much less clutter. I still need to hook up a lever, reservoir and custom brake line, but all easily remedied. (Hey Barnetts - want to make me some custom lines?)

Pic 2: Cockpit shot. You can see the rear of the aluminum mini fairing. The wha???

Is it a little Jax Teller? I dunno, I think it’s more MX inspired than fictional 1% MC. This is the first go at it, more of a prototype to figure out how to do the bends than anything. It will get used to refine the design, figure out the mounts, etc. - then Steve and I will redo the whole thing. I think I might go a hair taller with it, but overall, I’m really happy with general direction. With a little trimming off the back, I think it will work out just swell.

That’s where she stands today. Still lots of little things to do that will take me much longer than I want to admit, but progress is being made. Many thanks to Steve for all his help and Harvard and Biltwell for the killer components.

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