It’s about the guy in his garage / shed / driveway wrenching away on his bike trying to fulfill his vision of what his ride should be. It’s about the guy fabricating his own parts because he can’t get what he wants from a dealer or motorcycle shop. It’s all about the D.I.Y ethic. It’s about doing it yourself, even when it’s easier to buy something off the shelf. It’s about learning as you go and then sharing what you’ve learned with others. It’s about the pride in attaining your vision with your two hands and creativity. I dare say it’s infused with old school attitude – when motorcycles and bikers were a sign of rebellion and not on every TV station in the nation. When custom bikes didn’t cost 100K and didn’t have $20,000 paint jobs. When custom bikes and choppers were actually ridden – not built to be put on a trailer and taken to the next expo or promotional event. When bikes weren’t a status symbol for rich doctors, lawyers and the corporate elite.

Grail Mortillaro