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Skinny-ing the FXR

I’ve never done a proper post on the FXR I picked up last year. I didn’t do much to it after I got it - just removed a bunch of stuff and hit the road. The picture above shows how it came to me. Over the winter I’ve started to personalize it a bit. I […]

Troy Fabrication / FXR Rebuild

Spent the past few days working on my FXR. Not a major redo, but lots of mild mods and little detail stuff. Steve at Troy Fab has been a huge help. Been down to his shop twice in the past 4 days and we’ve churned through a bunch of stuff with his expertise. In the […]

Basic Sheet Metal Work


True Love for Valentines Day

KBHQ on the FB cuz we’re down with the SM

Don’t pretend like you’re not into it. Whether your post happy about your eating habits and political affiliations or a stealthy ninja peeping on what your next ex-wife is up, you’re down with Tom Anderson… I mean Mark Zuckerberg. It’s cool broham, so are we. We’ve got our own little Knucklebuster HQ on the FB […]

Finishing Metal Surfaces


The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work

An hour and a half of awesome. Skip crawling ebay and CL for a while and get into it. Great film.

Differential Gears for Dummies

Maybe not motorcycle specific, but great bit of mechanical knowledge thrown down in an easy to understand format.

Embossing / Hammer Crafting Sheet Metal

Use your imagination and you’ll see the next hip trend in “chopper” gas tank design.