Bikes I’ve been staring at lately

Been away working on other projects, but getting back into the swing of things, back to working on some bike projects and getting this site updated. Here’s a few bikes I’ve been staring at over the past few weeks.

IMG_2665.jpg motoshop tonouchi.jpg Snatch-1250-4028.jpg1711.jpgph04b.jpg   

4 Responses to “Bikes I’ve been staring at lately”

  1. Jrodriguez says:

    Love the bikes, Especially dig the hell out of the Hide Motorcycle on the bottom. Love that bike.

  2. Mad River Motor Company says:

    I never thought Cole Foster’s blue bike would have the influence it has had - tight little packages…

  3. Nardi says:

    Drop the sporty off, my sawzall is just itching to cut something!

  4. john says:

    except for the yellow sporty on the top, maybe the next “new age” evolution of the bobber?, like, like, like.

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