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Lathe How To

You or I will probably not need to machine a pulley anytime soon for moto use, but the principles and lathe work that our friend Tubalcain lays down are universally helpful.

Motorcycle Engraving Video

I’ve seen a lot of killer engraving done for bikes before, but this just takes it to a different level.

Portable Drill Bracket

This looks handy, need to make myself one of these.


This is making the round on the blogs, but it’s too good not to post. The shop and business concept is killer, wish we had something like it around here. Something like this really fosters that sense of community. Subject matter aside, the video is really well done and well worth you time.

Bikes I’ve been staring at lately

Been away working on other projects, but getting back into the swing of things, back to working on some bike projects and getting this site updated. Here’s a few bikes I’ve been staring at over the past few weeks.

Tig Welding - Feeding the wire