From The Archives: Vol 2

Acme_2010_210.jpg BrooklynR2_112.jpg GypsyRun2009-145.jpg Montauk_B3_206.jpg

My apologies for the hiatus and the lack of posting, I’ve been juggling a few too many non-moto projects lately and it’s kept me away from the nerd box. I hope to get back soon, but I’m guessing posting will be spotty for the next couple weeks. I have a few personal moto projects in the works - the Acme sportster project I previously mentioned and the FXR is getting a mild refresh. My long term project (which is currently in the planning stages) is new shop space. I’d love to will that into happening tomorrow, but reality is working against me. There are some in-depth articles and reviews in the horizon - I’ve got a handful of them half written - I’m just trying to carve out the time to finish them up. Stay tuned, things might be a little slow around here for the moment, but we’re not going anywhere.

2 Responses to “From The Archives: Vol 2”

  1. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    The chopper in the 2nd photo has a really unique design the gastank is part of the frame and its a diamond shaped frame.

  2. Islander says:

    Shiny, shiny, roll around in the dirt and get up and ride!

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