Getting the Acme Treatment

Acme_2010_215.jpg Acme_2010_225.jpg

Decision made. After long deliberations and far too much time sitting on the bench waiting for my schedule to clear, I’ve decided the next iteration of the Sporty will be handled by my boys over at Acme Choppers. You guys are familiar with how they throw down, their vision and attention to detail is well documented on this site. I’ve been a fan of theirs since we met over 5 years ago and started working on the Greasebag together. I’m stoked to work with them on this and let their creativity run free on my quad cam mill, I’m sure the final results will be beyond this world (and certainly beyond my humble fabrication skills). I’ll be carting the bike and my surplus of swap meet finds up to their new shop later this winter and documenting the entire process. Stay tuned for the stoked.

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