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Icon Patrol Jacket Review

Synopsis: A gratifying departure from the brightly colored and giant logo encrusted swag that is the bread and butter of the Icon line. The Patrol jacket looks great, is built-to-last and packs a ton of features into a killer riding jacket. Stylistically closer to a snowboard jacket than your characteristic adventure riding African safari fashion, […]

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Horizontal Band Saws - the return of TubalCain

It’s been a while since I posted some TubalCain videos, this time around he goes in depth with the horizontal metal band saw. This guy is such a wealth of information and incredibly passionate about metalwork. I could sit and watch these videos all day (I’ve done that on a few occasions). I hear he’s […]

Getting the Acme Treatment

Decision made. After long deliberations and far too much time sitting on the bench waiting for my schedule to clear, I’ve decided the next iteration of the Sporty will be handled by my boys over at Acme Choppers. You guys are familiar with how they throw down, their vision and attention to detail is […]


One of the best I’ve seen so far. This makes me happy.

Greasebag Photos: Vol. 4

Milling 101

Download the PDF to get a basic intro into basic milling procedure.
Click this link to download the PDF: Milling_101.pdf

Counterboring and Countersinking

Some basic info and troubleshooting tips for when your counterboring or countersinking.
Click the link to download the PDF: Counterboring.pdf

Greasebag Photos: Vol. 3

Metal Fabrication 101: Sheet Metal

Check out this 70 page introduction to sheet metal work. Covers everything from forming, bending, rolling, using bending machines and wheels. Tons of info, especially useful to those just getting started out. Click the link below to download the PDF.

Click here to download: Sheet metal fabrication techniqes

Greasebag Photos: Vol. 2

Material Removal Revisted

I had previously posted some of the info in this chapter as seperate jpgs, but there was some much to dig into, I figured it made more sense to just load the whole chapter as a PDF file. Click the link below for some schooling on cutting, filing, drilling, punching and a whole lot more.
Fabrication […]