Nardi’s Triton


I did a shoot with Nardi’s Triton about 800 years ago and I’m just getting around to processing the photos. Most of them are being saved to be published in a printed mag, but here’s a little taste.

4 Responses to “Nardi’s Triton”

  1. Nardi says:

    More girl and less me would have made for a better picture!

  2. MadRiverMoCo says:

    I was actually thinking the opposite though option 3) More Triton, Less People
    Would be the best call in my book

  3. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    How about just Bike and girl? No offensive Nardi

  4. Fox says:

    How about just the bike and the girl holding her phone number up on a big piece of card board.

    I think i love her…..

    Nice bike too!

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