Whoa, who’s arm is this?


This pic just popped up on Chopper Dave’s blog - anyone have any idea who’s arm it is? That’s the first Knucklebuster tattoo I’ve ever seen. It’s probably the first piece of art I’ve created that’s been tattooed on another person too (at least that I know of). Fucking awesome. I’m guessing the dude with it reads this site - let me know who you are man, I’m way stoked on it.

3 Responses to “Whoa, who’s arm is this?”

  1. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    Its not me but thats cool

  2. MadRiverMoCo says:

    You are having a he’ll of monthly friend.

  3. mutt says:

    not my arm but heres an etching I did a year ago (for personal use, I have it hanging in my shop) hope you like it.


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