Greasebag Wow

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I’m still a little brain dead from the weekend, but wow - that was absolutely incredible. Couldn’t have asked for a better throw down. A perfect example of reality surpassing all expectations. Great guys, great bikes, great roads, killer weather, lots of laughs, plenty of debauchery,Keith Stone throwing down hard and just an all out incredible time. Thank you to everyone who came out, especially everyone who did the ride and camp. Double extra awesome stoked thank you’s to everyone who traveled from far away places to party with us - CA, NJ, NY, TN, DC, and of course, all my Canadian brothers. To all my New England brethren who came out to support a local grassroots event - man, you’re support just makes me over the moon stoked and puts a huge shit eating grin on my face.

I’ll have a more coherent recap in the next few days once I regain my wits, but I really just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it out, as well as all the Sponsors, everyone at White Birch Campground, The Baseball Tavern, Acme Choppers and everyone who lent a hand over the weekend.

mind = blown

Pics above by Canadian Rob.
Tons of pics to come, if you shot photos or video over the weekend, please send them my way, would love to see them. email

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  1. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    It looked like a good time, I wish I could have been there!

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