Greasebag Swag: The last batch of goodies

We’re 1 day away from official the official Greasebag kickoff with the Dice party in Boston and I’m STILL getting killer swag for the Sunday raffle. Check out the goodies that came in this week.


Andy at Pangea Speed sent in a whole bunch of killer swag including an absolutely gorgeous (and heavy as fuck) sterling silver points cover. My photo does not do it justice, it’s an absolute work of art. Check him out at


Wompy at Still Kicking rocked us with some sweet shirts and stickers. Wompy makes some killer builder parts that you should be checking out. His Brass Knuckle pull starters for Evo sporties and his custom air cleaners are absolutely stellar. Check him out at


Jason at Eternal Combustion was trying to make it out to the GB in person, but sometimes life gets in the way of living. His presence will be missed but he sent in some cool swag nonetheless. We’ve got a couple of his molotov fuel cells plus that rad mini finger tail light. Check him out at:


I’ve saved the best for last. Not only did Joel at image one send over a bunch of shirts, but the custom painted “gas can” is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously out of this world - I want it on a shelf in my garage - but alas, someone at the greasebag is going to be able to take it home. The pinnacle of cool. Joel has been with us since day 1, and we’re stoked that he’s helping us out again. Joel puts on his own grassroots ride/camp event called Run 4 Your Life. It’s the weekend after the Greasebag (August 5-7) and goes through Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Make it if you can, it’s a good time for sure. More info here:

Thanks again to all the sponsors, in just over 24 hours all the shenanigans begin.

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