Greasebag Random News and Notes


Check out the lead story on Chop Cult this morning. Digging the Greasebag love. Thanks to the entire crew over there for helping spread the word.

I’ve got a couple vendor spots left for the Sunday show. If you’ve got some parts you want to sell and want to set up. Drop me a line and I will hook you up (vendor space is always free).

Make sure to check out facebook event page if you’re looking for people to ride out with. There are a couple of crews getting together from different parts of the North East who are looking for others to join up with. Check it out here: Greasebag on Facebook

I’ll have posters at the camp on Saturday night and the show on Sunday. If you want one, come see me.

For liability reasons and also because we’re in the middle of a dense wooded area, no fireworks at the camp Saturday night. Sorry and thanks.

Stay tuned, more updates later today.

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  1. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    Thats awesome man, your getting recognized!

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