Final Countdown: Greasebag Run


Went out on the final pre-run of the Saturday ride. Roads look pretty good for the most part, but the asphalt of the last leg of the ride is still torn up, so some minor changes have been made to the route. A slight change in the route fixes that pretty easy. It’s a solid ride if I say so myself. Laid back and a lot of fun, mostly backroads, some twisties and some two lane highways thrown in to open it up on and relax. I’m guessing with pit stops it should take us between 4-5 hours. It’s about 120 miles, we’ll stop around the 60 mile mark to refuel. There are plenty of gas stations on the way, so if you’ve got a tiny tank and need to pull off that won’t be a problem.

Check bottom of this post for the final itinerary for Saturday, as well as some more pics of the scenery from the ride. I’ll have printed maps and directions at the Dice party and the departure location on Saturday.

What you need to know
I think most of you guys who are making out on Saturday are veterans of these types of run, so you know how it goes down. For those of you new to the whole thing, here’s a few things to be aware of, but let me first preface it with this - we’re only riding 120 miles, we’re only camping for 1 night - it’s not rocket science:

1) Be self sufficient. We’re not traveling to Alaska, so don’t go packing like we’ll be on the road for months, but bring what you need to keep you and your bike on the road. We’ll have some basic tools with us for road side repairs, but if the pack splits up, make sure you’ve got what you need to get back on the road. We don’t have any chase trucks or trailers, so if your bike blows up and is beyond a road side fix, have someone you can call to come pick you up. We’ll do our best to keep everyone on the road, but have a back up plan.

2) Ride your ride. It’s not a race. You’ve got nothing to prove here. It’s not a overly technical ride, and the roads are smooth for the most part, but some pot holes and rough patches are inevitable. What I’m saying here is: don’t be an idiot. The last thing we want to be doing is scraping someone off the side of the road. The ride is pretty laid back, enjoy it but be aware of road craters and dips. Know your skill level and the limits of your bike. Pay attention to the road and the people around you, not getting your GoPro in the perfect position to get a killer shot for your blog. Common sense is your friend. Riding in a pack is usually slower than riding solo (unless you ride with Fritz), so for the experienced riders who might not be able to deal with that, feel free to bomb on ahead. If you’ve never ridden in a pack before, this article on Chop Cult is mandatory reading: How to ride in a pack.

Be respectful. This goes for the whole event, but especially for the campground. Jay and his crew are great hosts and have welcomed us with open arms. The camp has been in their family for generations. Don’t be a douche - have fun, get you’re wild and crazy on, but don’t disrespect the property.

What to bring. Whatever you need to get you through the night. Tent, sleeping bag, blow up doll, mexican blanket, you’re favorite teddy bear - whatever. It’s 1 night, we’re in the woods - it’s not complicated. I highly recommend some bug spray. We’ll have beer and food, if you want to bring a battery powered blender and put together some mix drinks, that’s on you. Campground has bathrooms, but otherwise is a pretty stripped down, back to basics deal. For the ride, bring the tools you need to keep yourself on the road, and watch the weather to see if you’re going to need rain gear. If you’ve got a gas tank that only gets you 10 miles, you might want to think about something to hold extra petrol, we’re not going to be stopping for gas that often. If you forget anything, don’t sweat it - there are major chain retailers along the way and not to far from camp, so you can pick up anything you need. We’re going to NH, not the outback.

The final itinerary for Saturday.
Saturday, July 30: Ride & Camp
Departure time: 11:30 am sharp
Jump-off point: Great Road Shopping Center on Rte 225 in Lexington, MA
Route Map: Greasebag Run Directions
Campground: Laconia White Birch Campground, 148 Bean Hill Rd, Belmont, NH
Camping Cost: $15 per person, free food and drink while supplies last, no reservations require


Jump off point: The Great Road Shopping Center in Lexington, MA. It’s on Route 225W, take exit 31B off 128. It’s on the left hand side, there is a Friendly’s Ice Cream right before it. Look for the sign above. Pull in and meet us in the back of the parking lot. We’re leaving exactly at 11:30, so get here early, refuel, grab some grub and be ready to take off.


In case you missed it, here is a link to the final run route: Greasebag Run Directions

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