Greasebag Premier Sponsors


We’ve been pretty lucky this year with sponsors stepping up to help out our cause. You’ve seen the swag that we’re giving away, and as usual, the generosity is staggering. But what I haven’t talked about yet is the guys who’ve stepped up to provide food and drink for the Saturday night camp out. That’s right, if you come on Saturday, you’ll eat and drink for free. Ride all day, party all night – it doesn’t get better, and it’s because these guys stepped to the plate to make it possible. The names of the shops should be no surprise because they continually step up to help out grassroots events.


Chop Shop Cycles, Milford, NH
One of the best full service shops in New England and one of the few that “gets it” from the perspective of the do-it-yourself garage builder. These guys do it all – ground up builds, fabrication, service work and even their own line of custom parts. If you’re in New England and need some help, these guys should be on your shortlist.


Killer parts at affordable prices and they support this community and grassroots events like no other. Whether it be helping out events like ours or throwing their own killer bashes like the El Diablo Run or the Slab City Riot. They’ve done more to support and grow this community than anyone I can think of.


Kickstart Cycle Supply, Fair Lawn, NJ
Parts, service and Walter is one of the best dudes on the planet. Who else do you know would make a drunken promise and turn it into the best ride & camp adventure on the East Coast. If you’ve never been on the Gypsy Run, this is the year you need to make it.


Chop Cult
In a few short years, these guys have made a huge mark on the internets by creating one of the best online communities for the 2-wheel obsessed. From original stories to great photos to an active online forum, there aren’t many sites that can match the massive amount of quality content they put out every week.

These guys made it happen, they’re the reason you get to eat and drink for free Saturday night and they’ve been a huge help in making the Greasebag come together this year. Support their businesses, buy their products, write them a thank you note if you’re so inclined, hell, send them some fresh baked cookies. You get to party for free, the least you could do is send them a delicious snack.

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