Greasebag Swag: Front Street Cycle


Anyone who hasn’t had their head in a hole knows that Craig at Front Street Cycles has been putting out some of the best custom handlebars and fenders for a while now. His beefy 13 gauge steel fenders earned him a reputation for high quality goods and his custom bar designs not only show off his skill but also his creativity. There are a lot of guys out there making bars now, but Craig is undoubtedly one of the best. I’ve seen both his fenders and bars in person and they are truly gorgeous.

Our community is built on guys like this - one-man shops, busting their ass to put out high quality products at reasonable prices. When you think about what the mainstream motorcycle shoppers’ pay for a set of bars out of the back of a mega-catalog, it seams almost unfathomable. That you could get a set of handcrafted, made in the USA, custom-built-for-you bars for less makes you wonder why anyone would choose any different.

Craig makes killer stuff , but he also gives back - whether it be by helping internet jockeys by answering all sorts of metal working or moto questions or by helping out events like the Greasebag. I’m psyched to have him as a sponsor this year, and the set of bars he’s donated blow me away. I love the simple design of them and the tracker inspired lines. In fact, these might just forget to make the trip to show so that I could plop them on my Sportster (I kid, I kid).

Many thanks to Craig, make sure to drop him a line anytime you’re in need of bars, fenders or custom metal work.

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