Greasebag Swag: Troy Fabrication


I can’t say enough good things about about Steve from Troy Fab. All the products that he puts out have the highest attention to quality that is humanly possible, he stands behind every single one of them with a customer first approach and he is easily one of the most stand up guys in the industry today. He’s helped me out on more occasions than I can count - from fabrication on my sportster to donating his time and truck truck to bring home my FXR to the knowledge he is always willing to share and teach to neophytes like me. Steve gives more than he takes and his involvement makes our community better. I am absolutely privileged to call him a friend.

I’ve watched Steve work in his shop; his attention to detail and commitment to putting out only the highest quality stuff is unmatched. I’m always stoked to have his parts as part of the Greasebag because I know who ever takes them home is going to be impressed. I’m even more stoked that he’ll be there in person. We’ve got one of his Yamaha XS650 engine stands and a triumph speedo spacer hub to throw into the swag pile, and if you show up, you might be the lucky one taking them home.

Whether you need one of his parts or some custom fabrication or machining work, make sure to drop Steve a line.

You will not be disappointed:

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