Greasebag Swag: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics


You guys know how much we love vintage tech around these parts. Sure, there may be newer, more efficient and improved techniques, but there is something about the old, simpler way of doing things that gets our blood flowing. That’s not a diss against more modern techniques, we rely on them all the time. But the knowledge from days gone by is still extremely helpful in the garage today. When you’re working on older bikes, the old way of doing things might be the only way of doing it.

So it’s no surprise that the book Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is right up our alley. While the contents may no longer be “modern”, the knowledge held between it’s covers is worth it’s weight in gold to the obsessed 2-wheel fanatic. The book was first published in 1942, last revised in 1974 and until recently, has been long out of print. This was the bible for old school gearheads when the internet didn’t exist and reference material was not easily found. Regardless of make or model you ride, the book is useful for all types of maintenance for your vintage scoot. From setting the timing on a single-cylinder Lucas magneto to rebuilding the engine of a Harley-Davidson 45”.

As you might expect, the book is giant - 766 pages of glorious moto-knowledge. Thanks to Greg Williams, the book is now back in print and easy to get your hands on (instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to stumble upon one in a used book store). Bringing back this piece of history makes Greg top notch guy in our eyes, but what makes us even happier is that Greg has donated a copy to the Greasebag swag pile. Yup, we’ll giving one away at the GB and someone is going to be way stoked with the tome of knowledge they get to bring home. Many thanks to Greg for helping us out and keeping this knowledge alive.

If you want to get your hands on your own copy of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, check out the website at:

or order a copy from here: Buy the book

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  1. Kustoms and Choppers says:

    I heard about this on the Jockey Journal awhile back, some of the older guys have older copies of the book.

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