Greasebag Swag: Ryzart Custom Paint


Rich at Ryzart Custom Paint has been cranking out stellar paint work for years, and is easily one of my favorite painters on the scene today (and I don’t just say that because he’s now a sponsor). He brings his own unique style to the game (not only to the paint he does, but also to his illustration work) and slays it every time. And while he’s immensely capable of slinging paint in whatever style is the current trend amongst the moto-obsessed, it’s the work he does that bucks those trends and are infused with his own creativity that stand out the most to me. Top notch work from a top notch dude.

When I asked Rich if he wanted to be one of the show sponsors, I had no expectations, I just was hoping he’d be part of the show. When he stepped up for a $300 gift certificate towards a custom paint job, my jaw hit the floor. Absolutely UNREAL. I’m continually floored by the generosity of the small businesses that make up our community. The small shops and one-man operations that throw down HUGE, and keep this community thriving. For Rich to jump in and make such a large contribution just blew my mind. $300 worth of paint from one of the sickest painters out there? Amazing. There are few raffle prizes I covet more than this. The bad part for me is I can’t keep it. The good part for you is you have a chance to take it home with you.

If you have a paint project coming up, Ryzart should be on your short list of folks to consider.
Check out his work at:

And his blog at:

I told you the raffle would be epic.

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