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One last thing

One last thing - we’ll have live updates from the whole weekend on the Knucklebuster facebook page. So go over there and “like” us and you can get the latest news and updates as they happen. From pics to any changes in plans or hot spots to meet us up at.
Here you go: Knucklebuster on […]

Today is the day

Greasebag kicks off tonight.
Dice Party Boston, at The Baseball Tavern, 1270 Boylston St, Boston, MA. 8pm
Bands: The Allstonians, The Egos, Larkin Brigade, Cradle to Grave, Riki Rocksteady plus R.J. Riel; three floors plus a roof deck overlooking the Boston Skyline. Plenty of 2-wheel parking Free Admission for the bar areas.
Started the day off by pick […]

Greasebag Swag: The last batch of goodies

We’re 1 day away from official the official Greasebag kickoff with the Dice party in Boston and I’m STILL getting killer swag for the Sunday raffle. Check out the goodies that came in this week.

Andy at Pangea Speed sent in a whole bunch of killer swag including an absolutely gorgeous (and heavy as fuck) sterling […]

Greasebag Run Printable Map

Click the link below for a PDF that you can print out and tape to your gas tank for the run on Saturday. I’ll have a bunch of these to hand out the morning of the run, but if you want to print out your own in case you miss the main group, here you […]

Final Countdown: Greasebag Jamboree

The show on Sunday is going to “officially” kick off around 11am, although we’ll be there earlier so you’re welcome to come down. The run down of the show is pretty simple - we’ll have vendors, food, music and most importantly, some killer bikes to check out. No crazy circus sideshows or mechanical bull riding […]

Greasebag Random News and Notes

Check out the lead story on Chop Cult this morning. Digging the Greasebag love. Thanks to the entire crew over there for helping spread the word.
I’ve got a couple vendor spots left for the Sunday show. If you’ve got some parts you want to sell and want to set up. Drop me a line and […]

Final Countdown: Greasebag Run

Went out on the final pre-run of the Saturday ride. Roads look pretty good for the most part, but the asphalt of the last leg of the ride is still torn up, so some minor changes have been made to the route. A slight change in the route fixes that pretty easy. It’s a solid […]

Final Countdown: Dice Party Boston

Not that you forgotten, but we’re kicking off the Greasebag with Boston’s first ever Dice Magazine party. You’ve seen pics all over the interwebs from killer Dice parties that have been thrown all over the U.S - now it’s time for Beantown to step up. Let’s show these guys how we throw down. We’re taking […]

Greasebag Swag: Mega Edition

We’re down to 9 days before the GB kick off and massive amounts of swag is still rolling in (and I’m expecting even more). Check out what came in this week

I’ve got to start off with the killer package we got from Dan at 7 Metal West. Dan is one of the finest metal workers […]

Bill Warner, fastest man on 2 wheels.

R. U. Kidding. 311MPH, shattering the world record. WOW. Bill Warner kills it.

Greasebag Premier Sponsors

We’ve been pretty lucky this year with sponsors stepping up to help out our cause. You’ve seen the swag that we’re giving away, and as usual, the generosity is staggering. But what I haven’t talked about yet is the guys who’ve stepped up to provide food and drink for the Saturday night camp out. That’s […]

Killer Swing Arms

A few years ago, the consensus was that a swing arm bike could never look as good as a rigid. Thanks to a number of talented builders, that viewpoint has definitely changed. Proof of concept does wonders to the creativity of others. These are just a couple of bikes that get me stoked, but […]

Machinist 101: Reaming


Greasebag Swag: Cro Customs & Atomic Customs

Two of my favorite West Coast builders have jumped in to help us out with the Greasebag

Trent at Aromic Customs builds some of the best traditional, no-nonsense choppers around. Timeless bikes built to be ridden hard. Many thanks to Trent for the whole mess of shirts and stickers he sent out way. Check him out […]

Greasebag Swag: Front Street Cycle

Anyone who hasn’t had their head in a hole knows that Craig at Front Street Cycles has been putting out some of the best custom handlebars and fenders for a while now. His beefy 13 gauge steel fenders earned him a reputation for high quality goods and his custom bar designs not only show off […]

Saturday Photo Dump


Greasebag Swag: Troy Fabrication

I can’t say enough good things about about Steve from Troy Fab. All the products that he puts out have the highest attention to quality that is humanly possible, he stands behind every single one of them with a customer first approach and he is easily one of the most stand up guys in the […]

Greasebag Swag: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics

You guys know how much we love vintage tech around these parts. Sure, there may be newer, more efficient and improved techniques, but there is something about the old, simpler way of doing things that gets our blood flowing. That’s not a diss against more modern techniques, we rely on them all the time. But […]

Solder Clamping


Greasebag Swag: Ryzart Custom Paint

Rich at Ryzart Custom Paint has been cranking out stellar paint work for years, and is easily one of my favorite painters on the scene today (and I don’t just say that because he’s now a sponsor). He brings his own unique style to the game (not only to the paint he does, but also […]