Greasebag Swag: Acme Choppers


Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we. I rolled up to Acme Choppers a week ago for the abomination that has become bike week; mostly to see the guys at Acme and pass out some flyers. While I was at the shop checking out all the new projects in process, Wayne says “Let me get you some stuff to give away at the Greasebag.” I’m stoked of course. The crew at Acme have been generously donating the real estate to make the greasebag happen since day one, to say nothing the additional help they throw in getting ready for the show and the set up on the day of. In my view, they already go above and beyond to help us pull it off, the fact that they’re doing more just goes to show their dedication to making cool shit happen in New England for the 2-wheel, moto obsessed. So Wayne goes into the back room, and I figure he’s gonna grab a couple of shirts or something and call it a day. Next thing I know, he’s rolling out with a huge Rubbermaid container, filled to the brim with apparel. But it’s not just a whole new wardrobe in their, he also throws in one of their gorgeous aluminum oil tanks and a set of their BMX grips. What else can you say but wow. The stuff is absolutely awesome, and the oil tank is one of those things I get that make me say “I can’t believe I’m going to give this away.” Some lucky bastard is going to walk home with it.

Acme rules, but you guys should know that by now. The stuff they make is at the absolute top of the ladder when it comes to quality, function and design. These guys are perfectionist and it shows in their work. One look at the frames or springers they make shows how much precision and attention to detail they pour into every piece that leaves their shop. When you want the absolute best stuff available, these are one of the guys you call.

Check them out at or call them directly 603-524-2263
If you want to learn more about the shop, check out the article on Chop Cult

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