Swag Attack: Sideburn Magazine


How awesome is this - one of the absolute best moto magazines on the scene today has donated a whole stack of issues to give out at the greasebag. If you’re not familiar with Sideburn, you need to poke your head out of the ditch and click on over to their site to check them out. The very best of trackers (dirt, flat, street, board, etc..) and chock full of style and class. Their tagline of “the world’s best go fast, turn left magazine” is no joke. It is, hands down. I’ve got 3 stacks of 4 issues to hand out at the greasebag, plus a bunch of cool stickers to go with it. Go check them out, order some issues and dig into their blog, which is also top notch.

Website: http://www.sideburnmagazine.com
Blog: http://www.sideburnmag.blogspot.com/

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