Greasebag Ride & Camp, Saturday July 30 2011


It’s taken longer than I wanted to finalize this info, but it’s finally all settled and I can now release it to the hoards.

The Saturday ride is going to leave out of Lexington, MA and 120 miles of back roads later we’ll end up at the Laconia White Birch Campground in Belmont, NH. For those of you who camped out at the 2009 Greasebag, it’s the same spot. The crew that owns the place is top notch and welcomed us back this year with open arms. The campground is a back-to-basics, middle of the woods deal, but it’s easy to get to get back into civilization. It’s maybe 5-10 minutes from downtown Laconia, and it’s a straight shot from the campground to the show at Acme Choppers on Sunday. A camp spot is going to run $15 per person, plus you’ll be able to eat and drink for FREE thanks to our sponsors at Biltwell, Chop Shop Cycles, Kickstart Cycle Supply and Chop Cult. It goes with out saying that those guys rule. No reservations are needed to secure a camp spot, just show up and you should be all set, we’ve got plenty of room.

Ride Info
We’re going to meet up in the parking lot of the Great Road Shopping Center on Rte 225W in Lexington, MA. Take exit 31B off of Rte 128 and follow 225W down to the shopping plaza. You can’t miss it, look for Friendly’s Ice Cream and Staples, and take a left into the plaza at the light. There are plenty of gas stations and restaurants around, so everything you need to shake off the hang over from the Dice party and shove off is there. Speaking of shoving off - departure time is 11:30 sharp. If you want to ride with us, be there before then, at 11:31 we’ll be gone. You are of course free to find your own road to the campground; I’m guessing we’ll arrive there around 4:30 after gas and food stops.

As for the actual route, 225 is one of my favorite roads in MA, after getting by a bit of stop & go in town, it opens up nicely - you’re gonna dig it. There might be some changes to the actual route at the tail end of the run when I do the final pre-run. When I last road the route a few weeks back, some of the roads in NH were pretty torn up from the winter, especially if you’re riding a rigid chop. I’m going to pre-run the route one final time a week before the actual run, if the roads are still shit, we’ll divert to more friendly asphalt.

Here’s a link to the actual turn-by-turn directions of the run as it stands now: Greasebag Run Route

One last thing - we’ll have some basic tools with us for roadside repairs, but no chase trucks with trailers to haul you home if you’re engine blows up. As always, if your bike is prone shrapnel oil explosions, be prepared with what you need to get it back on the road or a cell phone to call someone to pick you up. We’ll make every effort within reason to keep folks on the road, but we’re not going to hold up the pack for half a day.

More camping info:
We’re only camping one night, so this should be pretty simple, bring what you need for the night/next day, which I would imagine to be minimal. One thing I would highly suggest packing is some bug spray, we’re in the middle of the woods, those fuckers will eat you alive. The campground has proper bathrooms and showers should you need them; we’ll have firewood, food and beer. If your adult beverage preference is more exotic than beer, that’s on you. If you want to make smores by the campfire, ask McGoo for some pointers and bring your own chocolate. If you need a lazy boy and HD widescreen satellite TV to really enjoy the experience, please don’t come.

This last bit should go with out saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. Regardless of everything else, we’re going to have a killer time - we’ll eat, drink, get stupid, be loud, rowdy and pass out in the dirt. We’ll do all of this while being respectful to the campgrounds. This is a family run business that has been in operation for generations. They are great people who have opened their arms up to us and let us stay loud and rowdy till the wee hours of the morning (they even came down and partied with us last time we were there). Don’t be a fucktard.

So let’s recap the essentials:

Ride info:
11:30 departure from Great Road Shopping Center
Rte 225W in Lexington, MA
Exit 31B off Rte 128

Link to run route: Greasebag Run Route

Camp Info
Laconia White Birch Campground, 148 Bean Hill Rd, Belmont, NH
$15 per person
Free food, free drink
No reservations needed

Get stoked.

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