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bikeExif.jpg is easily one of my top 5 motorcycle sites. These guys elevated the quality of bike blogs by leaps and bounds with their focus on quality photography and well written articles, and they’re pumping it out on almost a daily basis. I also really dig that they don’t focus on one singular type of bike style. You’ll find everything from cafe racers to vintage iron to sportbikes and even choppers. For someone like me, who’s outlook is rooted in the chopper / vintage bike scene, it provides a great viewpoint into some of the best bikes being done in other styles. I love pretty much all things 2-wheeled, regardless of what clique it might be popular with so BikeExif is a daily stop when I’m pointing and clicking around the ‘net.

I’m stoked that these guys have signed on to be one of the Trophy Sponsors for the Greasebag. Having their support means a ton, even more so because they’re based in Australia. Just goes to show that the people who give to and support this community we are all are a part of are not constricted by international borders. I will continue to harp on this point because it’s one of the main reasons the Greasebag exists - it’s about our community coming together to celebrate what we love, it’s about making shit happen without concern for profit margins or marketing strategies, it’s all about getting together and having a damn good time.

If BikeExif is not one of your daily clicks, it should be. Check them out at

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