Swag Attack: Eastern Fabrications & Heyltje Rose


Eastern Fabrications and Heyltje Rose have been with us since day one and their support has always meant a great deal to me. I’ve written about Lock in the past and how I dig on the perspective and creativity he brings to the motorcycle world. Heyltje is brings her innovative style and artistic vision to the leather working game, creating one-of-a-kind seats, bags and jewlery amongst other things. They’ve graciously donated a whole bunch of shirts to the swag raffle along with sponsoring one of our trophies. Sadly, this will be the first year in Greasebag history that they won’t be with us in person, but certainly in spirit.

Check out the killer work both of these guys do here:
Eastern Fabrications: http://www.easternfabrications.com/
Heyltje Rose: www.heyltjerose.com

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