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It’s that time in the game kiddos - the time to start enticing you with the insane amount of swag we’ll be raffling off at the greasebag. We’ve got a reputation to protect - if you’ve been to a Greasebag before, you know how we do. Thousands of dollars worth of builder parts, paint jobs, leather seats, t-shirts and other swag. Last time around I couldn’t even fit everything on the (3) 8 foot folding tables I had put aside - yeah, it’s that big. Our sponsors are the best and step up big time to help support the event, their donations and the proceeds from the raffle are what cover the costs with putting the show one, it’s the reason we can make it free for everyone. Much respect to them, make sure to check out their websites by clicking on the sponsor links to the left.

So I’m going to start it off with one of the big guns - Icon Motorsports. You might not immediately think of Icon when it comes to our D.I.Y garage monkey community, but these guys are the real deal. If you check out their limiter blog, you’ll see that the crew there does their fair share of bare knuckle wrenching. From choppers to trackers to, yes, sport bikes - these guys are walking the walk. They’re not just some random company cashing in on the moto scene - they love 2-wheel death traps just as much as we do. These guys have been super supportive - not just to us, but others like the Bastard Bash as well. I dig that, and they’re doing it the right way (unlike some other big companies trying to get in on this - ahem dark customs). Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, the flaming skull joker tribal is not my cup of tea, but their products are solid, well made and thankfully come in solid colors. The Variant helmet they make is balls out, and their patrol line of waterproof gear is killer (I’ll be writing reviews on that stuff later this year after a full season of riding).

I’m stoked to have these guys as part of the show this year, and they really stepped up with their donation. This shit is unreal, almost $1000 worth of gear! 2 helmets, 2 riding vests, 2 pairs of gloves (including a set of the Patrol waterproof gloves which rule), t-shirts, stickers and a whole mess of their limiter ‘Zine (also very awesome). My wife still can’t believe they sent all this shit (it’s taking up a considerable amount of space in our dining room). The best part is that we’re giving it all away, but the only way you can get your grubby hands on it is by coming to the greasebag.

Make sure to check out their killer limiter blog here:
You can see their full product line here:

So consider this the opening shot of the swag attack that is about to ensue. If you thought we went big last time out, wait till you see how much we’ve got coming at you this year.

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