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Hammer Crafting Sheet Metal

I realize this might look like it’s more for the Etsy-type, but with a little thought and inspiration, the same general techniques could be used to fabricate some cool moto parts.
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Greasebag Swag: Acme Choppers

Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we. I rolled up to Acme Choppers a week ago for the abomination that has become bike week; mostly to see the guys at Acme and pass out some flyers. While I was at the shop checking out all the new projects in process, Wayne says […]

Introduction to Metal Working

I haven’t posted on of these old school books in a while, so here you go. Introduction to metal working, circa 1904. You want old school? You got it. From a time when you didn’t need all sorts of fancy tools to make stuff that would last a lifetime and beyond.
Download the PDF: Introduction to […]

Greasebag Swag: Griot’s Garage & Chaos Cycles

I’ve told you how ridiculous the Greasebag raffle is. Those of you who have attended before know that the volume of stuff we give away is epic. This year is turning out no different, my dining room is already piled high with goodies to give away, wait until you see some of the stuff I’m […]

Swag Attack: Sideburn Magazine

How awesome is this - one of the absolute best moto magazines on the scene today has donated a whole stack of issues to give out at the greasebag. If you’re not familiar with Sideburn, you need to poke your head out of the ditch and click on over to their site to check them […]

Motorcycle Charging Systems

Greasebag Ride & Camp, Saturday July 30 2011

It’s taken longer than I wanted to finalize this info, but it’s finally all settled and I can now release it to the hoards.
The Saturday ride is going to leave out of Lexington, MA and 120 miles of back roads later we’ll end up at the Laconia White Birch Campground in Belmont, NH. For those […]

Maintence specs for 1970-1978 Shovelhead


Greasebag Sponsor: is easily one of my top 5 motorcycle sites. These guys elevated the quality of bike blogs by leaps and bounds with their focus on quality photography and well written articles, and they’re pumping it out on almost a daily basis. I also really dig that they don’t focus on one singular type of […]

Replacing Points

Strange Days NJ

This event looks like it’s going to be killer. Weekend before the Greasebag, which means double the party fun. Hit it up. All the info here:

Randoms from summers past

Traveling Lathe Oiler

Click for bigger.

Edison Car and Bike Show

If you’re in the New Jersey / New York area you should put this show on your calendar as it’s sure to be a good time. Support your local events so that they keep coming back year after year.
More info here:

Swag Attack: Eastern Fabrications & Heyltje Rose

Eastern Fabrications and Heyltje Rose have been with us since day one and their support has always meant a great deal to me. I’ve written about Lock in the past and how I dig on the perspective and creativity he brings to the motorcycle world. Heyltje is brings her innovative style and artistic vision to […]

Swag Attack: LC Fabrications

Jeremy at LC Fabrications steps up again with this huge back of goodies to give away at the Greasebag. Tons of builder parts carb caps, tach drive eliminators, oil caps and more. Plus a whole mess of t-shirts and stickers. For those of you who don’t know, Jeremey’s parts are super high quality, made in […]

Handy Accessories for your lathe

Indexing Attachment for Small Lathes

Random Photo Dump

Greasebag Swag: Icon

It’s that time in the game kiddos - the time to start enticing you with the insane amount of swag we’ll be raffling off at the greasebag. We’ve got a reputation to protect - if you’ve been to a Greasebag before, you know how we do. Thousands of dollars worth of builder parts, paint jobs, […]