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Hooray for Hacksaws

Hacksaw 101, by request.



doar eht


Sweet deal on Nicolson Files

Edit: Sorry guys, look like the prices already went back up.
Awesome deals on Nicolson files on amazon right now. Less than $10 for complete machinists and/or maintenance sets. Found this deal over on the garage journal, and from what I’ve read from the people who’ve received them already, they’re a mix of USA made + […]

Cafe Cowboy

Great short little film. Worth your time to check it out. Grab your coffee (or pitcher of jack) and kick back.

Rhinebeck 2010: Vol. 9


Files are your friend

Put down the grinder chumly. Click for bigger.

Flatty boom-ba-latty

Mounting a Lathe Chuck






Identifying Metal by its spark