Greasebag 2011 Update


Here’s a quick update for all you cats huffing for more Greasebag info.

Biggest piece of news: Dice Magazine pre-party Friday night in Boston!
Damn straight, the Dice boys are coming out to celebrate with us and throw down the first ever Boston Dice Party. It’s going to be at the Baseball Tavern on Boylston. Booze, bands, bikes, babes…. all the b’s are covered. We’ll have drink deals and a hook up for hotel rooms across the street at the HoJo’s for all you out-of-towners and drunkards that won’t be able to ride home after showing your alcoholic prowess. We’re teaming up on this one with the Rippin’est Town Rally to throw down large. Huge party. Get stoked and start preparing your liver.

Official flyers are done, that’s the image above. They’re heading to the printer by the end of the week. I’ll be passing them out and dropping them off at shops where ever I go, but I could always use help. If you can pass out flyers to your friends or drop them off at your local shop, send me an email with your address and let me know. I’ll mail you a packet of them to get out.

Sponsorships: still working out all the final details on the sponsor info, if you want to get on the sponsor email list to get all the info before it hits the website, drop me a line.

Vendor Space: In the past we’ve opened up vendor space to anyone with parts who wanted to show up, to the point where we were overflowing the parking lot. This year we’re doing it a little different - vendor space will still be free, but it will be by invitation only. Instead of a wide open swap meet with random dudes selling their rusty bits, we want to gear this more towards the folks who are active parts of supporting the community. We want to this really to be about our community within the bike building world and have the event turn into more of a party and less of a random bro dude swap meet. If you think you meet those requirements and haven’t received an invitation, send us a email and let us know what you’re all about.

Saturday ride and camping: Still working out the details here. The ride will be back roads from MA to NH, route TBD. The camping will be somewhere in NH, most likely somewhere in the general Laconia area. The camping will most likely be a back to basics affair. If you’ve got some recommendations for places that are cheap and biker friendly, by all means send in your suggestions.

Bike Show: Nothing is changing here, same as it ever was. 13 winners, no classes, no categories, no best of show, no people’s choice. The best 13 bikes bring home the glory - end of story.

That’s what I’ve got for now, more info soon.

2 Responses to “Greasebag 2011 Update”

  1. El Paintero says:

    Hey Grail,check out “Rocky Road campground” for your camp out before the Greasebag.We stay there every year,it’s a good party spot,Rocky is a good dude.Great spot to just ride around the camp with a beer and b.s. with people or do burnouts by the stage.It is right down the street from the Louden raceway.
    El P.

  2. grail21 says:

    Thanks for the tip dude, I definitely will. On a different note, I’ve been thinking about getting in touch about doing a Masshole Moto - Knucklebuster collab thing. A low key event of some sort, maybe rope in a few of the other Mass based blogger bros. I’ve got some bars in Boston that would be friendly to the idea. Been swamped with Greasebag shit, but once I get that under control, we should get together and talk shop.

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