Sweet deal on Nicolson Files


Edit: Sorry guys, look like the prices already went back up.

Awesome deals on Nicolson files on amazon right now. Less than $10 for complete machinists and/or maintenance sets. Found this deal over on the garage journal, and from what I’ve read from the people who’ve received them already, they’re a mix of USA made + foreign made. Still, for under $10, that’s pretty solid. The guys that got them seemed pretty happy with them, especially at the price, even though the foreign made ones were not made as well as the USA ones.

Here are the links:
Nicholson Machinist File Kit Without Handle: $8.95

Nicholson Maintenance Hand Kit With Ergonomic Handles: $9.53

Nicholson Machinist Hand File Kit Without Handles: $8.48

Nicholson Maintenance File Set: $9.24
NOTE: for this one you have to click on the “More buying choices” on the right side of the page to get them directly from Amazon the the $9.24 price.

Even better, they can be combined to get free shipping. I just ordered all four. I figured that’s better than garage sale prices and they’re not beat to hell. It’ll be a while before they show up (3-6 weeks), but other folks have been getting them closer to the 3 week mark. Grab them quick, I don’t expect the deal to last long.

5 Responses to “Sweet deal on Nicolson Files”

  1. mike says:

    Just snagged some. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Junior says:

    So pissed! Sale ended as I was signing into Amazon…$8.99 to $75.00 in 2 minutes! So bummed.

  3. Grail says:

    Yeah, they go quick. That sucks about being 2 minutes late. I’m guessing they’ll come around again, if they do, I’ll post it up.

  4. dannyb says:

    Was that a mistake on Amazons part? that seems like a pretty big differance in price for a “sale”

  5. Capt. Cal says:

    Yeup, just got notified today the price was an “error”. I placed the order over a month ago and got the sale price. Now they’re not shipping it. Bastards… Thanks for the heads up anyway.

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