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Truing a Lathe Chuck


Eventage: Part 1


Parting and Cutting on the Lathe

2009 Greasebag: Hidden Stash Vol. 2


2009 Greasebag Pics: Hidden Stash #1

Just found a whole bunch of new pics from the 2009 Greasebag hidden away on my hard drive. More to come.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Cutting 101: Part 3

Last installment, hope you dug the chapter.

Greasebag Sponsorship Information

All the Greasebag sponsor and vendor information is done and ready to download in one handy PDF file. If you’re interested in being either a sponsor or vendor, click the link below to get all the info. If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot, email me directly at or give […]

Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Cutting 101: Part 2

Part 2. Click for bigger. Part 3 tomorrow.
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Faces from the road

1) Walter’s new hat, stewing about McGreggor 2) Gypsy Run sing-a-long. 3)Mcgoo showing Heather his slightly burnt, but still gooey white stuff 3) Marco being Marco

Greasebag Jam: Dice Party Update

More info for the Friday night Dice party. This is going to be so dope.
The bands are booked:
Allstonians and Ska-Prest are ska, For The Worse and Revilers are punk, and the Egos are garage rock.
The baseball tavern is a 4-story club. A roof deck, a 2nd […]

Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Cutting 101: Part 1

Click for bigger       

Greasebag Facebook Page

Hey look, the Greasebag has a Facebook event page - I know, you’re excited. Why don’t you head on over and let us know if you’re going to make it or not (of course you are, how could you miss it). Even better, spread the word, tell you’re friends, post it to your wall.
Clicky clicky […]

Burnishing Basics






Turning a Radius on a Lathe


Social Media

While using social media in my personal life, I’ve mostly stayed away from it for this site, but I’ve finally caved in. Yup, we have a facebook page. So for all of you who who spend your days surfing the book of face, go on an hit the like button for us and add us […]

Greasebag 2011 Update

Here’s a quick update for all you cats huffing for more Greasebag info.
Biggest piece of news: Dice Magazine pre-party Friday night in Boston!
Damn straight, the Dice boys are coming out to celebrate with us and throw down the first ever Boston Dice Party. It’s going to be at the Baseball Tavern on Boylston. Booze, bands, […]

Contour Work with a Metal Shaper

Unfamiliar with a metal shaper? I’m not surprised, you don’t see them being used often, milling machines being much more common. But there was a time where they were a staple of the fabrication shop. Search youtube to find a few videos that will give you an overview. If you find a old one […]