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Before my moto-infactuation, music was my drug. I lived and breathed the underground hardcore, punk and metal scenes. From working as a photographer and designer for labels and bands, to selling records, publishing zines and traveling all over the States and Europe as a tour photographer/roadie/journalist/fan. I was digging through my hard drive today and came across a couple old photos - brought back some good memories. Many of my closest friendships were born during those times - before the record deals and break ups, before the mass recognition, before myspace and facebook. When touring meant an 8 passenger van with 7 dudes, all the band equipment and huge boxes of merch. It meant sleeping on top of speaker cabinets, driving through the night and pissing in a gatorade bottle cuz we didn’t have time to pull over since we were already late for load in. One of these days I will sit down with the over 100,000 photos I’ve taken in my past life and catalog them. Back then, going to 4-6 shows a week was normal, traveling 5 hours to see a band was a no brainer and gearing up for the next trip was a daily thought. I loved being on the road and the sense of adventure it always brought with it. Some things never change.

Photos: Converge, Machine Head, The Promise, Slayer, Pantera (R.I.P DD)

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  1. apt13 says:

    played many a show with converge back in the day. super good guys. nice surprise to see em on here. been lurking here for awhile.

  2. grail21 says:

    Jesus Phil - funny how the memory works and how small the world is. You and I used to talk via IRC (I think) and email back around 1996. I was living in San Francisco at the time, I believe you hooked me up with copies of design software via snail mail. I used that software to create many issues of my zine (Sliver). The only reason I remember this is because I remembered your websites URL. Cool to see you on this site - when did you get into bikes? What are you riding?

  3. apt13 says:

    haha, wow! very cool. i do remember. and to be honest, after you posted up the photos i checked the “about” section on here and thought that the name seemed awfully familiar. small world indeed! i only recently got into motorcycles (last year to be precise, ha) after being a lifelong bicycler. i’m one of those kind that goes through a ton of researching something before i dive in, somewhere along the way your site came through and i liked it, so i just always check it now. as far as what i am riding, i’ve been slowly but surely working through a 78 bmw r80/7 trying to get it back to a fully operational machine and just learning how to work on it all, been pretty fun. my father in law just restored a 74 cb360 for my wife, so we’ve been having fun on that too. been a great thing for us to both learn something “new” and have fun doing it. plus it gets me away from sitting in front of the computer 24/7. you still doing design work or band things? feel free to email me if you dont want to “talk personal” through the comments section of your site, haha.

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