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The many uses for your drill press vice

Larz Anderson Euro Day 2010


How to respoke your wheels

Something totally unrelated

Before my moto-infactuation, music was my drug. I lived and breathed the underground hardcore, punk and metal scenes. From working as a photographer and designer for labels and bands, to selling records, publishing zines and traveling all over the States and Europe as a tour photographer/roadie/journalist/fan. I was digging through my hard drive today and […]

MIG Welding Tips

Facing on a Lathe

Know your basics. Tubalcain is the man.

Vintage Southbend Lathe Video

Boring Chuck for Your Lathe


Making a Fiberglass Seat Pan

Quick & Dirty Lathe Indexing Setup


Greasebag Revisited: Vol. 2


Greasebag Revisited. Vol 1

Updated info on the 2011 Greasebag coming soon. You’re going to be so stoked on what we have in the works.

Mandrel Knurling

Gypsy Run 2010: Vol. 15

Protect your lathe


Rhinebeck 2010: Vol. 8


Grinding Lathe Tools

Click for bigger.

Rice-o-rama 2010: Vol. 8


Metalworking Tips

Transferring Holes

(That drill bit / tap holder is so simple, yet super handy)

Transfer screws! (Angels singing) Brilliant, I wish I had known about them a long time ago.