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Fabrication Porn

It’s not about moto bikes, but close enough - this is pure porn for fabricators. Beautifully shot and edited. It does a great job of showing the craft of custom hand fabricated pieces as well as the amount of time and effort that goes into it. Gorgeous.

Photo Dump: Randoms


Gypsy Run 2010: Vol. 13


Search for the new daily: FXR Fever

My first (but probably not my last) experiment with modern, technology laden (for me at least) motorbikes looks to be coming to an end. Last year I bought a 1999 BMW R1100R as a daily driver / commuter bike. Great bike, super well balanced, tons of power, great in the twisties and on the highway, […]

Lock Baker / Eastern Fabrications

Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications is one of the most forward thinking builders out there today. Not the only one of course, but one of the few who that pushing the boundaries. Part sculptor, part mechanical mad scientist, all artist. Full disclosure - I have the benefit of knowing Lock personally (he’s been a great […]

How To use Hand Reamers, Counterbores & Countersinks

heh… heh… heh… he said reamers. Beavis & Butthead will never leave my consciousness. Clicky-clicky to make bigger.

Montauk Run 2010: Vol. 4