This is my church

201102241841.jpgThere are people are people on this earth who are incredibly passionate about their religion. They eat, breath and sleep it. They collect artifacts that are related to it. They travel the world to visit and engage with the churches and temples that support it. While I’m not a religious man and can’t specifically relate to that passion, I can respect it and embrace each individuals right to do their own thing (as long as they’re not trying to sell it to me). What I can relate to is that engrossing desire to be surrounded by your passion. Instead of crosses and ancient texts, I’d rather collect rusty bike parts. Instead of reading through holy books, I’d rather flip through a service manual. Instead of admiring the architecture of a 300 year old church, I’d rather oggle someones garage or workshop.

When I look at someone’s workspace I see inspiration and the process of creation, whether it’s a closet sized shed or a gigantic warehouse. I see art, science, ingenuity, passion, knowledge and the quest to build. Coffee table book spotless or close to the edge of landing on the show “Hoarders”, it’s all beautiful to me. I imagine many of you feel the same way, which is why you should be checking out the Garage Journal website if you haven’t already. It’s absolute porn for gearheads.

There are tons of threads on the site showcasing the epic workspaces and garages across the world, some of them bigger than the houses they sit next too. They serve as inspiration to our own dreams of constructing a gigantic palace of wrenchology. I love seeing that kind of stuff, even if the reality of building my own might be far off in the future. What I love checking out just as much is what folks are doing with the more typical setup - the ubiquitous 2 car garage. There are some great pics and ideas in this thread. I ripped all these pics from there, you should go check it out to see more and get inspired. The entire site is a gigantic repository of useful knowledge for the obsessed grease monkey. Go check it out and get stoked - you won’t be let down.

201102241840.jpg201102241802.jpgRichard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles


5 Responses to “This is my church”

  1. john says:

    god love you, knucklebuster, you really do know what it is all about, may god bless you.

  2. The No-Toil Guy says:

    Nice set up!

  3. Nardi says:

    Spring time is coming soon. Bring a camera over, we’re building a dream garage here!

  4. grail21 says:

    I was going to try and stop by on Saturday but I ran out of time. Have you already started building? I definitely wanna check it out.

  5. kik says:

    you probably have a hot wife too….lucky man!!

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