Search for th new daily: Modern Hinckley Triumphs


The last bike I’m considering on my short list of what will be my next daily drive is the modern Triumph Bonneville (or T100, which is essentially the same bike). I’ve owned one of the Hinckley Trumps before (an ’03 America) and the motors are rock solid and no nonsense. Plenty of power, very little maintenance and you can beat on them all day and they’ll keep coming back for more. The Bonneville is a simple looking, classic motorcycle design and looks great right out of the gate. There is something to be said about that’s not trying too hard to have some ultra cool design styling, it just is what it is – a good looking standard motorcycle. No fluff, no bullshit – just two wheels and go. I love the look of an inline twin, and throw the right pipes on there and it will sound more menacing and raw than just about any other motor. Take a wrench and some creativity to them and in short order you’ve got something that looks anything but standard. Great bikes, great platform. Here are some of my favorite (fairly stockfish) modern Triumphs.

dsc00205jy.jpg 4823278081_95a6bb8039_z.jpgbike006.jpgIMG_9523.jpgtriumph-t100.jpgOK, so that last one is not really stock-ish, but I wouldn’t call it a wild custom either. Damn good looking bike that can do some serious off-roading as well. (read more here)

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  1. dannyb278 says:

    The Jack Pine Scrambler is such a sweet bike. 14 grand is a little out of my ball park though. Could build something pretty similar with a xs650…..

  2. speedandnoise says:

    How about a Kawasaki W650? Pretty cool that they have a kickstarter.

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