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“Quicksilver” Super XR Sportster

This sporty blows my mind. Absolutely stunning. I want that tail section - anyone want to build me one? Built by the Japanese shop (duh) Sundance Enterprises, photo from Hardcore Chopper.

Swing arm bikes are gay


Boom Boom Boom

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with these pics.

This is my church

There are people are people on this earth who are incredibly passionate about their religion. They eat, breath and sleep it. They collect artifacts that are related to it. They travel the world to visit and engage with the churches and temples that support it. While I’m not a religious man and can’t specifically relate […]

Make your own t-bolts and clamps


Rhinebeck 2010: VOl. 6


Machining Metal Tubing

Gypsy Run 2010: Vol. 14

Drilling Holes in round stock

Tubalcain shows you how it’s done. This dude is a wealth of knowledge, fill your cup and drink up.

Rice-O-Rama: Vol. 7

Return of the king

Oh it’s on like donkey kong.
Greasebag. 2011. We’re motherfucking back.
Mark your calenders and start cranking on your garage projects so they’re ready in time. The full info will be coming out in a week or two, but here is the general downlow:
The greasebag is now going to be a 2-day, Sat-Sun event. Saturday: Ride New […]

Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel: The Making Of

Come on, how awesome is this. Beautiful bike, great video. I love watching well shot fabrication videos.

Metal Spinning 101: The basics

Hook up some sweet spin action on your lathe bro and crank out killermadawesome air cleaner.

Search for th new daily: Modern Hinckley Triumphs

The last bike I’m considering on my short list of what will be my next daily drive is the modern Triumph Bonneville (or T100, which is essentially the same bike). I’ve owned one of the Hinckley Trumps before (an ’03 America) and the motors are rock solid and no nonsense. Plenty of power, very little […]

The use and care of reamers

heh heh… he said reamers.

It’s Better In The Wind by Scott Toepfer

I’ve got seriously bad cabin fever. Yes, the cold weather and icey roads make two-wheel adventures suck, but what makes it worse is that in the winter schedules loosen up and there is more free time. Once the weather gets warm, there’s a million things to do. I guess the answer is simple - time […]

We’re doing it wrong

Deus ex Machina’s new joint. Wow. I mean wow. I get jealous of my friends in Cali when I look out the window and see 10 foot mounds of dirty snow, but this is a whole other level. That’s some kind of dream utopia shit. Who am I kidding, I’m too much of a agitated, […]

Close Ups


Drill Press Work Support

Handy little bit for your drill press, pretty simple to make.  

Search for the new daily: 80s Superbike Style

(heavily customized Z1-R from Bull Dock Shop out of Japan)
In sharp contrast to FXRs I talked about in the last post about my new daily rider search, the 80’s super bike style is a complete 180 in design, style and personality. Originally I was focused on the Kawasaki Z1s, KZ900s and KZ1000s but in my […]