Life gets in the way of living


You know, when I decided to take a short break from the site, I didn’t expect it to be this long, but sometimes life gets in the way of living. Other life events and obligations took priority and time, and frankly, the extended break was good. But we’re back and regular posting shall resume again. I’ve got a long product review coming up tomorrow about a shop heater and if you guys dig that, there might be more product reviews in the future. Stay tuned and start checking back everyday because it’s time for our regularly schedule program to resume.

11 Responses to “Life gets in the way of living”

  1. Yakov says:

    That’s a good news. Thanks.

  2. Matt at Footshifted says:

    Glad your back - I always like it when your stuff appears on my feed readers. It’s always different and a lot to times I learn something new! Not to mention the cool shots of different bikes…

  3. Shep says:

    Glad you’re back!

  4. MadMax says:

    OK. Let’s move on)))

    We read knucklebuster in Russia.

  5. nate says:

    Welcome back Grail… I don’t know how many more times I could watch that welding video, lol. And it’s a good time of year to hear about shop heaters!!


  6. matthew bennett says:

    I’m glad you’re posting again! I always read through the How-To’s when they pop up in my feed reader. Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Mad River Motor Company says:

    Your return is welcome news for my internets

  8. dtom says:

    Welcome back! I learn a ton from your posts and REALLY appreciate your sharing lo-buck ways of doing quality work. I am often inspired by your knowledge in setting up my shop and my projects.

  9. kim of kopenhagen says:

    I’ll wear the t-shirt again when checking in on you.

  10. CC says:

    I respect your views and obligations of life in general but man I was having withdrawls. Like your site and all the hard work is appreciated greatly. Welcome back and we really enjoy Knucklebusters in Iowa,U.S.A

  11. grail21 says:

    Thanks all. Stoked to be back - new original content in the works.

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