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MIG Welding Aluminum with a Spool Gun

Happy Holidays and all that

Going to take a few days off from the site to enjoy some much needed R+R. Hope you all have a great holiday and as always, thanks for reading and checking out this site.
While we’re away, you can always browse through the “How-To” section to find some projects that will get you away from the […]



Mig Welding Technique


How to build a Sand Blaster

For quick removal of paint and grease from metal surfaces, you can’t beat a sand-blast machine.
Ever try to clean the paint off a motorcycle wheel? Or, for that matter, any other metal object? Well, if you have occasion to do such work, you will find a small sand-blast machine worth its weight in gold.
If you […]

Spring BIA Show 2010


Tattoed Leather Seats

Alex Higgins is doing something I’ve never seen before - he’s putting legit tattoos on leather seats. His process allows the leather to hold and seal in the ink and the results are great. Check him out here:

Make your own T-bolts & clamps


Rice-O-Rama 2010: Vol. 6


Measurements and Layouts

Up High, Down low

DIY Gas Fired Furnace

These plans are for a gas-fired furnace.
With this small furnace you can melt down aluminum, brass and copper; preheat small, thick pieces of iron and steel for brazing or forging; caseharden soft steel; make up alloys and bake vitreous enamels on metals.
You can use either liquid propane or your home’s gas lines.
The plans include […]

Up close and wide open


GR2009 Shovel

From the 2009 Gypsy Run.

Metal Forming: Part 2

Metal Forming: Part 1

Robert Smith, back again. Part 2 tomorrow.

FIling 101

Rhinebeck 2010: Vol. 5


BikeExif 2011 Calendar

Chris over at BikeExif just sent me a copy of the calendar he recently put out and it is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous photos of incredible bikes from the likes of Wrenchmonkees, Deus Ex Machina, Falcon and many more. It’s no secret that I’ve been a long time fan of the BikeExif style of bloggery, so […]