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Thinking of summer: Vol. 2


Thinking of summertime: Vol. 1

Cold is starting to creep in here in the North East. Time to pay the piper, I can’t complain though - it was a good summer.

Gas Welding 101

Grab the oxy/acetylene bottle and hit it up old school. Fairly cheap to get into (certainly cheaper than TIG), generally cleaner results when compared to MIG and a great overall skill to have. Heat distortion can be an issue, but there are a few torches out there that can help minimize that (Mecco Midget […]

Lathe Collets 101

Blog Round Up 2010: Vol. 2

Jeff Decker talks racing & club cuts

ONe of the best moto videos I’ve seen on youtube in a while. Take a peek at Decker’s collection and hear him talk history.

Bandsawed “Castings”