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Motorized Hacksaw

OK, I can think of a number of different ways to accomplish the same thing with less chance of flying catastrophe, but what the hell, this is kind of awesome. I might not suggest it as your next weekend project, but I can totally get down with the do-it-yourself, use what you’ve got mentality […]

Cutting, Filing, Grinding and Fitting Metal for Welding

Robert Smith is back again. This guy is great.

The 555

The 555 2010? Good Stuff as always, check it out here:

Montauk Run 2010: Vol. 3


D.I.Y Lathe Tech Extravaganza

Get your lathe on thanks to PopMech. Collets, brakes, shears - OH MY!

Rhinebeck 2010


Simple drill press swing pad attachment



“Advanced” Mig Welding

I’m not sure I would call this advanced but certainly for the beginner it’s a bit more involved and dives you deeper into the craft. Good stuff.

Basic Mig Welding

Real basic, but great info for those getting ready to jump into welding. Check back for part 2 tomorrow.

A Prayer for Cool

a prayer for cool from Marc Bencivenga on Vimeo.
Fun stuff. Shot it on a 50 year old super 8 camera which gives a nice aesthetic quality.

Gypsy Run 2010. Vol 10


Milling Arm for your Drill Press

Acme Choppers Triumph


Freehand Metal Turning

Junk to some…

Magnificent treasure to others.

Rice-O-Rama 2010: Vol. 4


Intro to Buffing

Not huffing or fluffing, but buffing. Get it clean and shiny. As always, click the pics to enlarge.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: Hammer Forming

The specific application is for a car, but the info is easy to translate for 2 wheel fabrication purposes. The info would be particularly handy if you were going to try your hand at a custom tank or any other sort of custom sheet metal fabrication. As always, click the pics to enlarge.

Blog Round Up 2010: Vol. 3

I wouldn’t normally put up a industry corporations blog, but the Icon blog is solid.