Rice-O-Rama 2010

RiceORama_2010_100.jpg RiceORama_2010_103.jpg RiceORama_2010_111.jpgrice-o-rama classic vintage japanese motorcycle show

Had a great time at Rice-O-Rama this year, the show just keeps getting better. Killer bikes, solid deals, good dudes. Many pics to come, these are just a small sampling.

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  1. El-Jeffe says:

    Hello Grail
    When where was Rice-O-Rama. I got an RZ350 that would have loved to have gone. I also missed http://www.ohtm.org/*VinMoto09.html
    maybe somthing youd like to catch next year.
    keep up the good work thanks

  2. Chaz aka Dirty D says:

    Hayyyyy….. Thats my bike the 2nd. one down, its a 79 Suzuki gs 450 cafe racer still in the works at the time of the show hence the “lost plate” but I just had to ride it up from ct. No way was i going to show up in 4 wheels. Nice work man love this web site wish I found it sooner!!!!!!

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